Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights


Student Coursework includes:

• The History of Antisemitism • Comparative Genocide • Post-Holocaust Theology • Hitler’s Other Victims • Teaching the Holocaust • Rescuers and Righteous Gentiles • Genocide in the Modern World • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights • Patriarchy and Women’s Rights • Ethical Perspectives on Human Rights • Antisemitism and Racism • The Theologies of the Abrahamic Faiths • Comparative Scriptures • Interfaith Social Justice • Successful Interfaith Dialogue

s one of the earliest and largest collections es. Established in 1979 by the late Nora e of experiences during the Nazi era and clude interviews with over 900 survivors, es. c, a special collection of the College’s one of the three major repositories of such tor and significant music collector, Eric community of Bochum before the Holo- concentration camp, Mandell was able to tually settled in Philadelphia and taught ell’s vast music collection, one of the most r European Jewish life. a unique window into Holocaust Studies ore survived the Holocaust and emigrat- he emerged as a writer, a poet, philoso- he collection boasts 350 unique letters d academic work. The Shore Collection o promote the vision for interdisciplinary sh the Dr. Lena Allen-Shore Center for the nership with Gratz College.

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