Cocktail Culture 3.0, 2019

PlantHaven Cocktail Culture brochure with new varieties. Third edition, 2019.


At PlantHaven we have a passion for life and what makes life more enjoyable than cocktails and flowers? This is our third edition of the PlantHaven Cocktail Culture guide where we showcase some of our top plant-picks for the year, along with some delicious tropical libations from our good friends at Rumfish y Vino.

Also included is the growing advice you need to turn a

successful crop and help beautify the world. After all that hard work of growing the perfect plants, we invite you to take an evening, relax and enjoy one of our signature creations.

Grow, Sip, Stir, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…

TALL, DARK & HANDSOME ® Blood Orange Pelargonium x hybrid This is no ordinary geranium. It is the culmination of an intensive 5-year breeding program. TALL, DARK & HANDSOME ® geranium towers up to 6-feet tall with a rich, dark, chocolate foliage and loads of vibrant, pollenless flowers that cover the entire plant all summer long. This is a fantastic pick for the most premium retail garden center sales.

HIGHLIGHTS™ Silver Blue Lomandra confertifolia spp. rubiginosa This graceful perennial adds a whimsical softness to landscapes and container plantings. Despite its lax appearance, this plant is extremely drought tolerant, deer resistant, and low maintenance. The shimmery blue grass- like foliage adds movement and soft texture to waterwise, drought-tolerant combinations.

WATERMELLON MOJITO 2 oz. Watermelon Infused Rum Muddled Mint

0.25 oz. Lime Juice Pressed Watermelon 2 Barspoons of Sugar Ginger Ale

Muddle 2 infused watermelon chunks with the lime juice, sugar and mint in each glass. Add 2 ounces of watermelon infused rum and ice. Top with ginger ale and garnish with additional mint.

FIRE DRAGON Canna indica

CEVICHE BLOODY MARY 2 oz. Vodka House Made Bloody Mary Mix Celery Bitters Ceviche Brine Salt/Tajin Rim Conch Ceviche Spoon Sopping

Fire Dragon Canna has great garden presence and is ideal for large containers, combination planters or mass landscape plantings. The plants explode with color all summer long with a profusion of bright, cardinal red flowers which are self-cleaning, making it the best canna variety on the market today.

Rim a pint glass with a salt/tajin mix until fully coated. Fill with ice and set aside.Squeeze the lemon and lime wedges into a shaker and drop them in.Add the first four ingredients into a shaker, add ice and shake gently.Strain into the prepared glass.Garnish with a spoonful of conch ceviche.

ELSIE’S GOLD Sedum spectabile

MEZCAL MARGARITA 1 oz. Mezcal 1 oz. Tequila

A real show stopper! Elsie’s Gold sports striking gold and green variegated leaves with a silvery, toothed margin which fades to buttercream in summer. In late summer, the plants are covered with large umbels of softly colored, coral-pink, star-shaped flowers, adding attractive contrast to the variegated foliage.

Belize Bush Bitters Muddled Jalapeño 1 oz. Lime Juice 0.5 oz. Simple Syrup 0.5 oz. Triple Sec Salt/Tajin Rim

Rim a low ball glass with a mix of salt and tajin. In a cocktail shaker, add the first six ingredients. Muddle the jalapeño. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into your rimmed glass with ice. Float triple sec over the top and garnish with a lime.

WALBERTON’S ® Silver Fountain Gaura lindheimeri

Add movement and whimsy to your containers and perennial garden plantings with this unique silver- variegated selection. The plants are completely sterile, yielding a profusion of blooms that last longer than traditional varieties. Both heat and drought tolerant, Silver Fountain makes a durable addition as a vertical accent to annual container plantings.

TIGER TAIL Miscanthus sinensis

SEASIDE SPRITZER 2.0 oz. Lemongrass Infused Rum 1.0 oz. Prosecco Club Soda Thai Basil Garnish

A very handsome addition to perennial borders and landscapes. This hardy miscanthus has a strongly upright, yet gracefully flowing habit with bright gold and green horizontal variegated bands across the blades. An abundance of flower plumes emerge in a silky bronze and dry to a russet tone in the autumn. The plant has a very attractive winter appearance.

Pour the rum into an ice filled glass. Top with prosecco and club soda and garnish with a sprig of Thai basil.

RADIANCE Abelia x grandiflora

This compact and densely branched abelia makes a brilliant highlight to landscape plantings. The bright white and green variegated foliage really pops from the rich crimson stems. The glossy foliage is semi evergreen and softens in tones to a silvery-green and creamy white later in the summer. A profusion of fragrant white flowers appear all summer long.

WALBERTON’S ® Pizzazz Sedum spectabile

Pizzazz is known for its ridiculously vivid hot pink, dome shaped flower clusters in the summer and autumn. This variety forms neat and tidy clumps, reaching only 12-inches tall and wide. A very drought tolerant and pollinator friendly perennial, Pizzazz is bound to become a gardener favorite.

BODACIOUS ® Rhythm & Blues Salvia x guaranitica

A gorgeous new early flowering hybrid that freely reblooms throughout the season with tall spikes of saturated cobalt-blue flowers, held by an elegant black whorl and stems. The dark green foliage maintains its rich color throughout the season, setting the perfect backdrop for the inky blooms. The plants are also exceptionally well-branched, keeping tidy in the garden.

VIBE ® Ignition White Salvia x jamensis

VANILLA TAMARINDO 2.0 oz. El Dorado 5-Year Rum 0.5 oz. Tamarindo Soda

The VIBE ® salvias are a breakthrough in their class. With exceptionally large flowers and rich green foliage, these plants produce an abundance of drought tolerant color for containers and landscapes. Not only will gardeners fall in love with VIBE ® salvia…we promise a runway of hummingbirds coming into your plants all hours of the day.

0.5 oz. Orange Juice 0.5 oz. Cynar Campari 2 Dashes Vanilla Bitters Orange Zest

Combine first 5 ingredients in an ice filled glass. Stir to combine. Garnish with orange zest.

AMERICAN PIE ® Cherry Pie Dianthus hybrid

Hands down, you won’t find a bigger, bolder flower on a perennial dianthus anywhere! AMERICAN PIE ® varieties are known for their massive flower size, exceptional heat resistance and perennial durability in the garden. Our newest Cherry Pie does not disappoint with its oversized, ruby-red flowers commanding attention in the garden.

PROMOTIONAL TM Hello Yellow Dianthus hybrid Well hello, yellow! We’re so excited to bring to market the first ever true yellow perennial dianthus. The result of decades of breeding, this Whetman introduction is a real breakthrough with fully double, beautiful yellow blooms on a contrasting silver blue foliage. Hello Yellow has a delightful spicy fragrance and is a hardy garden dianthus.

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