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It’s amazing to me that we go to school for such a large portion of our lives, but we graduate illiterate in one of the most important areas: money . Basic financial literacy is simply not taught in our schools. Our country suffers because our system teaches us to rack up debt and misuse credit. But even if we do steer away from these traps and make a good wage, we still lack the knowledge of how to use it properly. I know this because when I started making great money as an entrepreneur in this industry, I had little understanding of how to leverage it. I had to learn that it’s not about getting rich; it’s about keeping your money and remaining that way. I had to plug into the same culture that is available to every Novae Money affiliate in order to put myself in a better situation.

future. We have it all: weekly conference calls, webinars, events, websites, Facebook groups, and our members’ lounge, which has several training videos that walk you through everything we offer. One of our most popular components is our credit education. Thousands of affiliates have taken this knowledge and completely altered the course of their lives by using it. Altanese, from Atlanta, built her credit from a 485 to a 720 credit score in just seven months! Some people don’t get this kind of increase in seven years! We don’t look to offer a quick fix — that’s not our mantra — but there are many options available to you depending on your situation. Stephanie went from a 480 to a 720 credit score in just 60 days! Kamika, from Philadelphia, had a similar turnaround when she went from a 530 to a 700 in 90 days! The Novae Money Financial Wellness program we offer delivers similar results for debt relief. We had an affiliate who was over $25,000 in debt before joining Novae. By plugging into the systems available to her, she eliminated $21,000 of that sinkhole and began being purposeful with her finances. She built an emergency savings

When I talk about culture, I’m referring to the resources with which Novae empowers you to transform your life. It begins the moment you sign up. Every new member gets an email detailing how you can tap into the various benefits we provide to start changing your financial

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“Becoming succ it’s a

This approach bleeds into every aspect of life and thrusts open the doors of success. The skill set and mindset you obtain by attending events and plugging into our culture has helped others receive raises and promotions at their jobs, become successful entrepreneurs, and even build more meaningful relationships. It wasn’t just because of the tangible information they received about finances; it was also because of the perspective they gained. Novae gave them valuable life skills that altered the way they look at their situation. This is the most important skill this business has given me. The success I’ve had financially, the education I’ve gained, and the actions I’ve taken are great, but the mentality and perspective I gained cannot be replaced. It’s the foundation of my life, and what I hope is for yours.

fund of $9,000 and increased her credit score over 80 points. Nothing is going to change if you don’t take the steps to correct the situation. All of these individuals did exactly that, and more.

Novae isn’t only about enhancing financial literacy. It’s about enhancing your mindset . Money without mentality will keep you bound to limitations. The transformative aspects of our programs have been proven to help individuals with more than just money; you are taught that becoming successful is not an action, it’s a mentality .

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1. Kimika Bobo

1. Ronyale Mccoomer

2. Sophia Lightbourne

2. Kimika Bobo

3. Terrell Simmons

3. Samone Simmons

4. Sean Shields

4. Chanel Footman

5. Ravzuridan Yisrael

5. Shalonda Lee

Ronyale Mccoomer March 2018 No. 1 Producer

Kimika Bobo March 2018 No.1 Producer

to training, used the models we provided, and turned their lives into success stories. We don’t make being a top producer a secret. As a matter of fact, we want you to know everything it takes to grow within Novae. So the question isn’t a matter of how will you get on the list, but when?

The beauty of Novae is that the opportunity is available to anyone, and anyone can be successful. The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself. These dedicated top producers worked tirelessly to have a positive impact on their own lives and on the lives of others. They applied themselves



ssful is not an action, mentality.”



Novae University provides groundbreaking events that will change the way you approach life. By covering a variety of topics at events held all over the country, Novae members have the opportunity to be empowered and transformed. Not only will you be learning, but by referring others to the events, you’ll also be earning! This is definitely a win-win situation you don’t want to miss.

Novae University’s founder, Mr. Reco McDaniel, shares three more of the top 10 reasons you’ll want to attend every Novae University event you can.


When I first became involved with the industry of direct sales, I learned about a study that stated your income is equal to the average income of your 10 closest friends. I averaged my friends’ income with mine, and sure enough, it was true. I knew in order for something to change, I would have to help my friends make more money — or just get some new ones! Now, years later, both have happened. We have several people who created lifelong friendships out of what started as a blueprint for success. I even know of a few people who met their current spouses at one of our training seminars! So if you’re single, come ready, baby!! Many people want to succeed, but it’s important to understand you will never succeed beyond your level of belief! I’ve seen plenty of people who are excited when they start. But because of perceived rejection and perceived failure, their level of excitement rises and falls like an emotional roller coaster. Attending these events will be a major boost to your belief level and give you the stamina needed to endure the time between your small victories and your major wins. Novae University is part of the affiliate program, which means you actually earn a commission when you convince your team to register and attend Novae University events! We share up to 50 percent of the registration fees for each event. Actually, a few people earned $1,000 commissions from our January event, Advanced Sales Mastery. In addition to the normal Novae Money commissions, thousands were paid in additional commissions! These other events should be just as big, and you should try to leverage opportunities in this commission plan every chance you have. 8. BELIEF 9. MONEY

Many entrepreneurs become so focused on sales and their bottom line that they forget people are the core of their business. While SOLUTIONS OVER SALES WHY VALUE-ADDED SERVICE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING

products and services are essential, these offerings are utterly empty without customers to purchase them. This is why it’s crucial to put service back at the center of your business. Shifting your priorities from sales to solutions can completely transform your success and retention. If you show a customer value, they will want to work with you for life. If you are focused on persuading someone, you may get that sale, but you won’t keep that customer for long. Start by asking questions about what’s going on in their situation. Show genuine concern for people instead of finding an “in” to make a pitch. You are a problem solver for your clients; that means you need to focus on their problem and then help them solve it. By doing this, you’ll add value back into your customers’ lives as well as your own. – Dr. Carlton Calhoun Chief Marketing and Technology Officer, Novae, LLC

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Novae’s Culture of Transformation

March’s Top Five

Reasons to Attend Novae University

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Attend Our Boot Camp and All White Party

Marketing Mastery Boot Camp Date: May 19–20, 2018 Location: Atlanta, GA

Novae Cruise and All White Party Date: July 27–29, 2018 Location: The Bahamas Starting at $250 per person

Everyone is a brand and trying to convey a certain message, especially if they are in business for themselves. Marketing Mastery 101 teaches individuals the concept of branding, what marketing is, how to do it, and how to master it. All the new and innovative ways to build your business or brand in today’s marketplace will be discussed as well. Most of our participants register for this seminar without any idea how to market or brand themselves. They leave not only with knowledge, but also with a personal brand we help them develop during the workshop!

Are you ready for an incredible life experience sailing the Atlantic Ocean internationally to an amazing island with other Novae Money Affiliates from all across the country? Typically, our All White Yacht Party takes place in South Florida for just one evening. This year, it has been transformed into a three- day, two-night dream cruise, with the All White Party taking place on the actual cruise ship the evening of July 28! For just $250, get admission to the cruise ship; all meals for the entire trip; a cabin for two nights; access to our onboard karaoke bar, hot tub, and pools; one full day on Paradise Island in the Bahamas with beach activities; access to Novae’s All White Party; and incredible memories that you will never forget!

Regular Registration: $597 VIP Member Registration: $197

Cabins are limited, so book your spot today!

Go to for more information and to book your trip!



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