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It’s amazing to me that we go to school for such a large portion of our lives, but we graduate illiterate in one of the most important areas: money . Basic financial literacy is simply not taught in our schools. Our country suffers because our system teaches us to rack up debt and misuse credit. But even if we do steer away from these traps and make a good wage, we still lack the knowledge of how to use it properly. I know this because when I started making great money as an entrepreneur in this industry, I had little understanding of how to leverage it. I had to learn that it’s not about getting rich; it’s about keeping your money and remaining that way. I had to plug into the same culture that is available to every Novae Money affiliate in order to put myself in a better situation.

future. We have it all: weekly conference calls, webinars, events, websites, Facebook groups, and our members’ lounge, which has several training videos that walk you through everything we offer. One of our most popular components is our credit education. Thousands of affiliates have taken this knowledge and completely altered the course of their lives by using it. Altanese, from Atlanta, built her credit from a 485 to a 720 credit score in just seven months! Some people don’t get this kind of increase in seven years! We don’t look to offer a quick fix — that’s not our mantra — but there are many options available to you depending on your situation. Stephanie went from a 480 to a 720 credit score in just 60 days! Kamika, from Philadelphia, had a similar turnaround when she went from a 530 to a 700 in 90 days! The Novae Money Financial Wellness program we offer delivers similar results for debt relief. We had an affiliate who was over $25,000 in debt before joining Novae. By plugging into the systems available to her, she eliminated $21,000 of that sinkhole and began being purposeful with her finances. She built an emergency savings

When I talk about culture, I’m referring to the resources with which Novae empowers you to transform your life. It begins the moment you sign up. Every new member gets an email detailing how you can tap into the various benefits we provide to start changing your financial

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