2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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customers 3.7 million North America, 6 million Australia 9.7M

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hours saved by customers every workday 323 , 000

road injury crash index below target of <4.25 3 . 78


Our customers make around two million trips on our roads every day—saving around 323,000 hours in travel time every workday by taking our roads instead of the alternate routes.

While government-imposed COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, during the first half of FY22 significantly impacted traffic volumes, we’ve seen traffic volumes grow as the year progressed. This year, we continued to increase our customer account numbers for all our retail brands: Linkt in Australia; Express Lanes and GoToll in the US; and A25 in Canada. We now have more than 9.7 million customers, an increase of almost 10% since FY20. As well as investing in high-quality and safe roads, we also use technology to ensure our customers’ experiences off the road are as easy and seamless as possible. More than 96% of our Australian customers use our digital apps and website to manage their toll road travel.

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