2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Understanding what matters to our customers

On alert: how we keep our customers moving

Our Australian 24/7 incident response teams manage around 1,000 incidents a week. Safe management of incidents can include lane closures or reduced speed- limits. Planned road works can also impact travel times. Until this year, we only shared live information about travel disruptions via the Linkt website and our Twitter accounts—but both options required customers to proactively check for information. Through external research of our Australian customers, we found they wanted early and live notifications of potential delays: • 67% of customers wanted to be notified about incidents occurring on our roads • 87% considered ‘time delay’ the most useful information we could provide • 40% wanted to choose which roads to be notified about. Customers choose our roads for reliable and faster travel times, so information about live-traffic conditions is important to ensure we meet their expectations.

In March 2022, we implemented road incident notification functionality within the Linkt app, allowing customers to request notifications for specific roads, road sections, and times.

When an incident occurs, customers are notified about the location, delay type and if incident response crews are on the scene. This feature means customers can choose our roads with confidence and receive the value they expect: a quicker, safer and more reliable journey.


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