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We invest in industry-leading safety and traffic management technologies that smooth traffic flow, ease congestion and ensure road users have the safest possible experiences on our roads. Our 24/7 road monitoring and incident response further enhance the safety and reliability of our roads.

In July 2020, a toll was applied to Sydney’s M5 East when the neighbouring M8 opened. A one-way trip using the 5.5-kilometre road used to take up to 18 minutes. The same trip now takes around eight to nine minutes during peak traffic times and average travel speeds along the existing M5 corridor have improved by almost 60%. In FY22, traffic continued to be impacted by government-mandated restrictions related to COVID-19, however in most markets traffic recovered in line with the easing of restrictions. By April 2022, traffic on CityLink in Melbourne was trending towards pre- pandemic levels. In response, we launched a ‘Beat the peak traffic’ campaign, inviting drivers to shift their travel patterns—and potentially save up to 1.5 hours travel time a week. This campaign capitalised on the new flexibility many workplaces have retained post-restrictions, including on workday start and finish times.

Figure 6: Annualised benefits for each region

Average daily traffic (# vehicles)

Average workday travel-time savings (# hours)










North America



 Beat the peak: find out the best times to travel in Melbourne, transurban.com/beatthepeak


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