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Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Understanding what matters to our communities

The perceptions and experiences of our communities and other stakeholders play a critical role in our success. We need to understand, anticipate and address what is important to them, so that we can deliver on our purpose and strategy. Listening and learning

Overall, stakeholders agreed Transurban’s social licence focus areas are appropriate and relevant for the business. However, early findings suggest they want to see more evidence of our current performance and have low awareness of initiatives we are delivering within each social licence area. Specifically, two focus areas are resonating well with stakeholders: ‘championing road safety’ and ‘strengthening communities’. The third area, ‘empowering customers’ resonated less, suggesting lower stakeholder awareness of our overall customer engagement efforts and performance.

And in North America: • 2 focus groups • 17 deep-dive stakeholder interviews • +80 surveys distributed. The timing of our second study aligned with the launch of our Social Licence Framework, designed to ensure our activities support the three areas that matter most to our stakeholders:

This year we conducted our second extensive stakeholder listening program. The first program was undertaken five years ago with stakeholder listening informing new customer offerings including Linkt Assist, LinktGO, Trip Compare and a rewards program, as well as new social investment guidelines. Our second, multi-phase perception study, completed in May 2022, is helping us understand current performance sentiment and will inform our future strategic direction. This study was extended to include North American stakeholders. Study activities included, in Australia: • 71 deep-dive stakeholder interviews • 68 documents analysed, including Voice of Customer (VoC) and other surveys • 112 responses to our business partner and supplier survey • 4,000+ responses to our community engagement survey.

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• empowering customers • championing road safety • strengthening communities.

Our initial survey review has identified some themes that, when addressed, will help to consolidate our social licence, enhance our competitive edge and support our growth agenda, including: • Relationship building , including creating more opportunities for our stakeholders to engage and collaborate with us. • Value awareness and visibility , including enhancing our community engagement post-construction and ensuring communities are getting long- term benefits from our local activities. • Leading on transport issues , including using our influence to drive holistic and sustainable transport network solutions. • Increasing focus on sustainability , including ensuring we continue to make meaningful and tangible contributions to creating a sustainable future. When all analysis is complete, we will share the findings across our business, and with our stakeholders and collaborate to develop a strategy for addressing stakeholder feedback.

Early findings across all our markets indicate that, overall, Transurban has a sound standing with community members and stakeholders. Our operational business performance is considered ‘gold standard’. Our communities and other stakeholders also recognise the excellence of our employees. Several opportunities for improvement were also identified.

Left: Our listening project findings indicate stakeholders have low awareness of the community initiatives we deliver, for example, new playgrounds and open spaces


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