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Continuing investment in public transport In FY22, we continued to invest in Virginia’s public transit services, making our annual contribution of USD15 million to the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission’s (NVTC) Commuter Choice program. This program supports the region’s economy, increases mobility options and reduces congestion and emissions. Since 2019, we have invested more than USD45 million in regional transit improvements from 395 Express Lanes toll revenues. We will continue to do this annually for the life of this multi-decade concession. Our contributions are improving transit services along the I-395/I-95 corridor by helping fund: new or expanded bus services; commuter parking lot expansions; commuter incentive programs; and bike- share network expansions. Our latest USD15 million contribution will support projects between Alexandria and Spotsylvania County, including the DASH bus service, Fredericksburg Regional Transit and OmniRide, along with the Fairfax County bus service and new park-and-ride options in Prince William and Spotsylvania counties.

We have also committed USD2.2 million per year following the opening of the 495 Northern Extension (Project NEXT) to support a new cross-state bus route between Virginia and Maryland— a service that does not exist today. “The future of transportation requires collaboration across multimodal owners to invest in networks that move more people through a breadth of travel choices,” said Amanda Baxter, Transurban’s Senior Vice President Virginia Market and Operations. “Our annual transit contribution is part of our commitment to bettering the communities we serve, and we are fortunate to see tangible investments being made through the strong stewardship of Virginia’s Department of Transport and NVTC.” Amanda Baxter, Transurban’s Senior Vice President Virginia Market and Operations

Sharing our insights

Around two million trips are made on our Australian and North American roads every day, and every trip made contributes to the productivity and liveability of our cities. Technology and data help to make every one of these trips as safe and efficient as possible. We’re now sharing our data—along with our regular Mobility Trends research—with governments and industry partners via our new Insights Hub. This tool provides insights on mobility and trends relevant to the transport sector and reveals how people are moving around cities, now and into the future.

 Read more on our Insights Hub, insights.transurban.com


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