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Contributing to policy development As one of the world’s largest toll road operators, Transurban can provide valuable insights on ways to make roads safer, more sustainable and more efficient. We work with both governments and industry partners, sharing our insights and contributing to policy discussions that will help shape how people move around cities for years to come.

“It’s great to see Transurban investing in partnerships with the research industry and working with government to deliver the outcomes Australians expect on our roads.” Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety Chair Hon Darren Chester

One of the key ways we contribute is via Transurban representation on boards, including Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, Roads Australia, the Committee for Melbourne, the Queensland Infrastructure Association and the Advisory Committee for Committee for Brisbane, along with the Eno Center for Transportation in the US. We’re also partnering with governments and industry as part of the Australian

In North America, we are partnering with The Climate Board—an organisation bringing industry leaders together to tackle climate change mitigation and resilience challenges. The Climate Board members have ready access to critical research, collective expertise and best practices to aid with progressing actionable climate change solutions. And with Queensland’s population booming and Brisbane 2032 1 on the horizon, Transurban has provided submissions and feedback on several long-term transport strategies for the state, including the government’s State Infrastructure Strategy. We also worked with Queensland MPs to support flood-affected Brisbane communities with targeted grants. Read more on page 43.

National University’s Institute for Infrastructure in Society, which is

undertaking Australia’s largest study on engagement and infrastructure delivery. In FY22, we hosted the Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety at the Transurban Road Safety Centre at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) in Sydney. Committee members learnt about this centre’s life-saving road safety research. The visit informed the Committee’s inquiry into measures that can be taken to reduce trauma and deaths on Australian roads. We also contributed a submission to the NSW inquiry into mobile speed camera enforcement programs and provided expertise alongside industry partner Roads Australia at a hearing on this issue. With action on climate change at the forefront for most governments, we shared our progress in decarbonising our business by participating in the inquiry into Renewable Energy in Victoria and Victoria’s emissions reduction target for 2035. With renewable energy agreements now signed in all Australian markets, we continue to keep governments and our industry partners updated as we progressively switch our assets over to renewable energy.

The Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety visited the Transurban Road Safety Centre at NeuRA

1 Transurban is not a sponsor of the Olympic Games, any Olympic Committees or teams


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