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B est and B rightest U nder 40

Craig Dunkle First VP Investments Marcus & Millichap Years in field: 10 Years in real estate: 10

What is your greatest profes- sional accomplishment? Within my first 4 years at Marcus, I closed over $100M in transaction vol - ume. Prior to joining M&M, I had no real estate experience. I think the fact that I was able to gain that amount of traction in such a short period is no - table. Real estate is a tough industry to break into. What is your most notable proj- ect, deal or transaction? We sold Convery Plaza in Perth Am - boy for $22.75M. It was an interesting deal. There was a master lease in place for 12 years, so we were marketing an 88,000 s/f shopping center with a dozen tenants that was essentially operating as a STNL. In year 13, the buyer would then realize a huge pop in income as well as retain full management re - sponsibility for the property. Despite the unique lease structure, we received a ton of interest and were able to close it quickly at a 5.29% cap rate. How do you contribute to your company and/or the industry? Our team has the highest price psf records in multiple asset classes throughout the state of New Jersey. Who or what has been the stron- gest influence in your career? My partner, Alan Cafiero. Alan is a master at his craft and it is a privilege to be able to work alongside him as my partner and mentor. I doubt I would be able to perform at this level without his guidance and expertise. What unique qualities and or personality do you feel makes you most successful in your profes- sion? Persistence. Without persistence, there is no way to weather the highs and lows of the real estate industry. What was the most defining mo - ment for you? My first deal. In 2016 we sold the Asian Food Market on Route 22 in North Plainfield for $5.1M. After that, I got the fever for higher price point deals. I wanted to market myself as an agent who specialized in higher air space transactions and be - ing able to close my first deal above the $5M mark helped me tremendously in shifting my business in that direction. Who do you feel was most influ - ential in your life when choosing this profession? My mentors, Alan Cafiero and Ben Sgambati. I met Alan and Ben during my senior year in college when I was unsure of which career, I wanted to pursue. I was so impressed with their track record and transaction volume, Brent Hyldahl First VP Investments Marcus & Millichap Years with company/ firm: 7 Years in field: 7 Years in real estate industry: 7 Real estate organizations/affiliations: National Retail Group, Net Leased Properties Group, National Office & Industrial Properties Group, ICSC

Ani Paulson Senior Associate Marcus & Millichap Years with company/ firm: 2 Years in field: 4.2 Years in real estate: 4.2 Real estate organizations/ affiliations: ICSC & NAIOP

What impact has social media/ networking had on your career? Social media has proven to be an effective tool in gaining additional exposure for my business, whether it’s for market research that my team gathers, deals we have listed or supplementary information I feel could add value to anyone in the industry. Networking in general is key in real estate, and this can cer - tainly be done on many social media platforms, conferences, networking events ect. It’s like that saying, your network equals your net worth. Tell us how and when you began your career in the pro- fession you are in, about your current position and why you choose the field/profession you are in today? I got into the business immediately following college from an internship at my company. It was challenging in the beginning, but I understood the effort that I displayed early on would pay off in the future. I had a lot of support from my family, which I’m grateful for, as I will never forget living in my grandparent’s basement in North Jersey until I had a few deals under contract and closed my first deal 8-10 months later. After my first closing, I rented an apartment in Hoboken and flexed it out to have two additional roommates to keep my living expenses low, as I was still very early on in my career. I was determined to seek out opportunities and remained focused on my future goals. This allowed me to grow and develop into the broker I am today. What were some of your early goals and did anything happen to change them? I am very goal driven, on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. For both my personal life and career. My goals are fluid, changing over time with my business plan, but one goal that I strive to always achieve is to consistently maintain exceptional knowledge in my market and use this as a means of providing resources and value to my clients. Additionally, I pride myself on putting forth a tremen - dous amount of effort to achieve the best pricing metrics on any marketing assignment, along with continuous professionalism that will maintain a strong brand for my name. You have to always be a decent person in both business and your personal life or you can tarnish your reputation, which to me is everything. Jonathan Zamora First VP Marcus & Millichap Years with company/ firm: 9 Years in field: 9 Years in real estate industry: 9 Real estate organizations/ affiliations: NJAA, POA, NMHG continued on page 3D

Real estate organizations/affiliations: ICSC, National Office & Industrial Team, National Retail Team, National Multi-family Team

What is your greatest profes- sional accomplishment? I would say that receiving Marcus and Millichap’s Mentor of the Year Award in 2021 was a standout per - sonal win for me. Mentorship is of utmost importance, which is why building a team of top-tier real estate professionals and businesspeople has been equally as rewarding – this continues to remind me why I truly love what I do for a living. In addition to commercial real estate, in 2020 I started creating my very first Brewery, Distillery, Smoke House Restaurant, and Music Venue called Lovedraft’s Brewing Company which opened in 2021. We acquired a 10,000 s/f freestanding retail prop - erty located right off the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg, PA. (Address 165 Gateway Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA. 17050). We completed a full renovation of the subject property and built a full-scale Brewery, Distillery, Smoke House Restaurant. Completing the exhaustive process from start to finish was a huge professional and personal accomplishment in my book. We opened in August of 2021 and are now coming up on our one-year anni - versary. I am also pleased to say that we are only weeks away from opening our second location in York, PA. How do you contribute to your company and/or the industry? I consider myself an expert and have been recognized as a top pro - ducer in the field of investment and institutional real estate. My main contribution to my company and the industry is through education of oth - ers. Engaging and educating clients, third-party contractors, lenders, ap - praisers, investors, and developers is a priceless asset. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the importance of educating growing real estate pro - fessionals and other professionals on the nuances of transactions and the dynamic market that demands consistent adaptation. Through my mentorship, I can convey to others the true meaning of the phrase “the art of the deal.” Who or what has been the strongest influence in your ca - reer? My first prospective clients un - knowingly made a huge impact in influencing my career. These initial clients were some of the top owners, developers, and real estate operators - a handful of attorneys that changed

What is your greatest profes- sional accomplishment? On a macro-level, my greatest ac - complishment has been building a successful team and a loyal client base. It is very rewarding to me when I can assist my clients in increasing their property values with my advisory ser - vices or simply disposing their assets for a premium price. These last few years, assisting my clients to preserve and increase their wealth has been my greatest accomplishment. Addition - ally, putting an ample amount of time and effort into mentoring and training junior agents helps to serve our clients even better by having a team work - ing for them instead one agent. This helped us, The AP Group, to quickly become a top producer in the South- East Region for Industrial, Retail, and Office product types. How do you contribute to your company and/or the industry? I really believe in the power of men - torship, so I assist in mentoring aspir - ing commercial real estate agents for Marcus and Millichap & local colleges. When I joined the firm in our region, I did not start with an established team. I know how hard it is to build knowl - edge, experience, and a solid track record, so I am happy to pass it along to our newer agents to help acceler - ate their careers. I am often invited by local colleges to mentor students and participate in educational speak - ing events. I have come across many talented students during these events and happily hired a few. Who or what has been the stron- gest influence in your career? I have been blessed with multiple mentors from our West Coast Marcus & Millichap offices, but the most im - pact stems from my Regional Manager, Ben Yelm. Ben has been a great men - tor & business partner-I wouldn’t be where I am without his world class training before I launched as an agent & his continuous support to me and my team. MAREJ It is very rewarding to me when I can assist my clients in increasing their property val- ues with my advisory services or simply disposing their assets for a premium price.

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continued on page 3D

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