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TAKE A CHANCE ON AN OLD FLAME Reigniting the Love February 2020

As a family, we’ve done several “farm days” at barns in Loxahatchee that rescue abused animals, Delmar Farm and Good Earth Farm. Both are excellent places to spend an afternoon full of brushing, washing, feeding, and even riding horses. Ruby’s new love has brought out an old spark in Ashley. Before high school friends, boyfriends, and college, Ashley was a competitive horseback rider, even showing in famous Wellington horse shows. The thought of controlling an animal several times your size and being gracefully in sync with it is exciting. Plus, there is nothing better than getting outdoors and getting a little dirty! Ashley’s old hobby has of course taken a back seat to her school, career, and our kids, but now, through Ruby’s eyes, it has a whole new meaning to our family. It represents time spent together. We are ready and excited to get out there and experience what we once enjoyed so fondly. Heck, even Chris is ready to explore the trails riding atop a horse!

Ruby and Russell’s birthday

Come February (and even before it), aisles are filled with heart-shaped chocolate boxes and pink and red candies, and jewelry stores flash signs suggesting that the key to your loved one’s heart is a pair of diamond earrings. Instead of looking outward for love, what if we looked inward? Recently, we’ve been thinking about some of our first loves. No, not boyfriends or girlfriends, but horses and water. For both of us, hobbies we got into as kids have evolved into integral parts of our lives that we’ve now seen our kids develop a love for, too. We can see that what was once a passion for Ashley is now our daughter’s passion. Ruby loves horses. Every night before bed, she asks us to get her a purple horse. (Disclaimer: She also asks us to get her a purple mermaid tail.) Ashley has some old horse accessories — girths, saddles, brushes, and hoof picks — that her mom, and now she, kept for over 25 years in our garage. Ruby loves to get these items out and play with them. Imagine that to keep a 3-year-old girl happy, all you have to do is give her a few old used riding gloves to play with.

Like Ruby’s love for horses, Russell has followed in Christopher’s footsteps. He’s developed a love for boats and motors, and Chris is so great about sharing his love of fishing with all of us. It’s something his dad shared with him, and it’s amazing to see this process of teaching and the passing down of hobbies. This love has encouraged Christopher to get back out on the ocean. This year, for both of us, we want to get back to these passions in different ways. Chris wants to make more time for marine conservancy causes, and Ashley would like to participate in more horse rescue work. Along the way, we’ll get to share these experiences with our kids. For this new year, get out there and get back to something that you once loved. Whether it’s golf, running, theater, or painting, take up an old hobby or find a new one. There is no time like the present.

– Ashley and Chris Bruce

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