Festool USA 2018 Catalog

Specialty Sanders


Grit Abrasives Granat offers the longest abrasive life for the toughest demands and can be used on nearly any surface while offering the widest grit range. Turn to Saphir for the toughest, most challenging surfaces.

$80.00 495174 $80.00 495175 $42.00 499643 $42.00 499641 $42.00 499642 $42.00 499634 $42.00 499635 $42.00 499636 $42.00 499637 $42.00 499638 $42.00 499639 $42.00 499640

Granat D225 P40 (25x)

Granat D225 P60 (25x)

Granat D225 P80 (25x)

Granat D225 P100 (25x)

Granat D225 P120 (25x)

Granat D225 P150 (25x)

Granat D225 P180 (25x)

Granat D225 P220 (25x)

Granat D225 P240 (25x)

Granat D225 P320 (25x)

Saphir D225 P24 (25x)

Saphir D225 P36 (25x)

Sander Backing Pad Soft and Medium density pads cover all general applications, and an interface pad is perfect for delicate curves and contours.

$112.00 202546

$130.00 496106 $55.00 496140 $112.00 202546

Sander Backing Pad

Interface Sander Backing Pad

Sander Backing Pad Includes Soft Pad, Interface Pads. (2 pieces)

Support Harness Use the PLANEX Harness with Reach Extenders to reduce stress and strain over a long

$260.00 496911

Guide Extension Use one or more Reach Extenders to tackle the hardest to reach areas or even high ceilings, so you get an even, balanced finish over the entire surface. Each section adds 19-3/4" (0.5 m) to the reach of the PLANEX. Wallpaper Perforator Armed with two wide rolls of gear-driven, razor-sharp teeth, the Wallpaper Perforator is the serious wallpaper removal tool for professionals. Easily formwater pockets over broad surfaces quickly and easily. Adjustable depth for perfect control no matter the surface. And with its pivoting head and extendable handle, the Wallpaper Perforator reaches the toughest spots with ease for even coverage and easier removal.

$235.00 495169

$170.00 495747


Convenient storage and transport bag with reinforcement points to protect Planex Easy sander. Balanced design for ease-of-carry with center handles. Durable fabric withstands jobsite use. Bag LHS-E 225

202477 $160.00

Standard sanding pad for the Planex Easy. Optimized for use on various drywall surfaces - flat and contour. Resilient temperature-resistant hook features strong grip and durability. ST-STF D 2158-LHS-E

201895 $115.00

Detachable part of the brush strip of the PLANEX LHS 225 EQ sanding head. For PLANEX easy, LHS-E 225EQ in self-service display pack. BS-LHS-E 225

203189 $26.00

As a replacement for used brush strip. For PLANEX Easy, LHS-E 225EQ in self-service display pack. BE-LHS-E 225

203190 $37.00




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