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Specialty Sanders

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CT 36 AC Dust Extractor

Designed for the toughest, high-volume dust environments, the CT 36 AC is built to capture the mess before it becomes an issue, for you or your client. Built to accompany the PLANEX Drywall Sanders, it features automatic filter cleaning, automatic start, variable suction force, large casters and durable build quality. It’s jobsite tough and jobsite smart. Includes: Integrated Hose Garage, 36 mm x 3.5 m (1-7/16" x 11.5') Anti- Static Hose, Integrated Cord Wrap, Disposable Collection Bag.

CT 36 AC


Disposable Dust Liners Sanding drywall creates a lot of dust. These open-face, disposable collection bags provide an easy and convenient means to dispose of the mess. (5 pieces)

$46.00 496215

Main Filter AC High-Performance Filter that has One-micron filter designed specifically for use with CT 36 AC AutoClean system to maximize cleaning effectiveness.

$59.00 496172

Tool Holder Seamlessly connects to your Festool CT Dust Extractor, providing a convenient, secure resting spot for pad and abrasive changes or for when the PLANEX is not in use.

$140.00 495964

Gate Create a seal to assist with a manual “superclean” of the internal filter, or to prevent dust from escaping during transport.

$65.00 497926

Antistatic Hose Designed to lock into the PLANEX Drywall Sander for a secure fitting that won't come loose. Lightweight and robust for drywall sanding tasks.

$190.00 496972

For a full list of compatible accessories for the CT 36 AC, see pages 12–17.

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