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Abrasive Block

This sanding block is 4-sided and the grit is dimensionally stable. You will experience exceptional longevity of the block due to the medium-hard foam core. The combi block has a round edge as well as a 45 degree edge allowing you to get into those hard to reach places. Abrasive Sheets and Rolls Choose from the 9” x 11” sheet or 4-1/2” x 82’ roll. Both options offer flexible and universal hand sanding abrasives for a variety of sanding tasks. Benefits Longer service life and a high material removal rate due to special fused aluminum oxide. Synthetic resin for entirely bonded grits delivering long lasting cutting power. Due to the unmatched grit bonding you will have less grit break out when folding or conforming to your surface.


Robust Durable high quality abrasive components with bonded and fused grits provide long service life and high material removal rates. Built to withstand loading and tearing.

Specially developed and shaped abrasive sheets and sponges feature different profiles, formats, and grits to adapt to hand sanding tasks.


Versatile The combi block with it round side and 45 degreee edge allows you to get into those hard to reach places.

An extension of the Festool abrasive line-up for machines featuring Granat and Vlies abrasives to match the material removal capacity and long service life that creates the perfect surface performance.

system. unmatched.


The new GRANAT premium hand sanding abrasive ensures to achieve your desired sanding results quickly and efficiently. Developed in accordance with the principles of machine abrasives –with enormousmaterial removal capacity and a long service life. For a perfect surface, no matter the application.

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