Festool USA 2018 Catalog


Features + Capabilities • Helps achieve an outstanding final finish • Abrasives have excellent surface quality • No wrinkles or kinking for optimal protection of the surface • High material removal • Less grit break-out • Easy cleaning for a longer life time • Outstanding adaptation due to foam backing material • Manual hand sanding abrasives for any application

Durable four-sided abrasive sponges. Perfect for sanding edges, rabbets, and profiles.

Double -side sponge with unique grit coating on soft core foam compresses to conform to sensitive surface profiles providing even surface preparation with even pressure distribution. Specially formed sponge with convex, square, and beveled surfaces. Perfect for sanding concave profiles, bevels, edges, rabbets, and profiles. Single-side sponge that is flexible and has elastic structure with grippy back for fine sanding as well as matting of paint surfaces and finishes. Permeable structure abrasive matrix that resists clogging. Flexible structure is ideally suited to abrading profiles, convex and concave structures, as well as general-purpose scuff sanding.

9” x 11” Granat sheet stock abrasive. Durable abrasive resists loading. Durable bound resists separating even when folded. Available in grits P40 - P400.

Over 82’ of 4-1/2”-wide continuous roll abrasive can be cut to length as needed. Available in grits P40 - P320. Can be used with 1/2 sheet sanders like the RS 2 E.



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