Festool USA 2018 Catalog

Miter Saw

KS 120 EB $1,475.00 561287

Specifications Power Consumption

1600 watts / 13 amps

Miter Range

50° / 60°

28" x 19-3/4" x 18-1/2"


1,400–3,400 rpm

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Cutting Depth 90° / 90°

Dust Port

Left/Right 45° / 90°


Left 45° / 45°


Right 45° / 45°

Universal Carbide Saw Blade

60-tooth (495 388)

• • •

Special Cutting Depth

MiterFast Angle Transfer Device

Crown Nested Capacity

Hold-Down Clamp

Max. Bevel

47° / 47°


Metric dimensions binding.


Hold Down Clamp Fast-acting, cam-action clamp features non-marring material to protect the workpiece while providing excellent clamping ability. Footpiece is specially shaped to accommodate clamping stock close to the fence. Clamping Kit Secure the KAPEX to an MFT or worktable through the base with the clamping kit. Oversized hand knobs for easy installation and removal. (2 pieces) Angle Transfer Device Effortlessly copy and transfer tricky angles for quick and accurate cutting using the MiterFast and the KAPEX’s dual-line lasers. Easily captures inside and outside corners and locks securely to maintain setting during transfer. Crown Stop Adjustable stops support nested workpieces at any angle. Base Extensions provide enhanced material support to the left or right, and enable additional clamping possibilities when used with Festool FS Clamps. (1 Base Extension and 1 Crown Stop included; 2 are recommended) Blade Assortment Using the right blade is one of the easiest ways to improve your work. Get the best results while using your Kapex by having the right blade for the job. Includes one of each: Fine Tooth Blade (495 387) and Universal Blade (495 388). Screw Clamps Use in conjunction with Base Extension T-slots for additional material clamping options. (2 pieces) Quick Clamp Ratcheting mechanism provides easy locking, a secure grip on material, and a quick release. A perfect companion to the MFT/3, and fits seamlessly into the bottom T-slot of FS Guide Rails for limitless positioning and secure cutting. (1 piece)

$220.00 203150

$115.00 494369

$180.00 200127

$90.00 494391

$25.00 494693

$42.00 491594

$59.00 489571 $46.00 489570

Clamping thickness 4-11/16" (120 mm)

Clamping thickness 11-13/16" (300 mm)

Multifunction Table A specially designed height and size for use with the KAPEX sliding compound miter saw. See page 24 for more details on the MFT/3-MINI.

$500.00 495465



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