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Federal gas tax gift to municipal budgets

infrastructure programs and projects. The federal gas tax fund applies to all municipalities in Canada while the provin- cial gas tax fund provides grants to munici- palities which have public transit programs. The sole condition for the gas tax grants is that the money goes towards local infras- tructure needs, including upgrading aging roads and bridges. “We will continue to build 21 st -Century infrastructure that


Budget plans for next year will be a bit easier now for municipal councils in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding. The federal gas tax allocation for GPR for next year will bemore than $5.5million in total. Francis Drouin,

Liberal MP for Glengarry-Pres- cott-Russell, an- nounced, on Au- gust 31, the new indexed figure for his riding from the federal gas tax fund. The federal gas tax fund takes a portion of the federal gas tax on every litre of gaso-

“We want to protect our communities through government infrastructure programs,” said Drouin, adding that the federal and provincial governments are also discussing a three-year, $11.8-billion infrastructure support funding program. “Which I’m confident is going to get signed shortly.”

meets our communi- ties’ future needs,” said Drouin. “It certainly is to our benefit,” said Gary Barton, warden for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR), to have this stable and regular fun- ding.”

line sold in each municipality and region in Canada and returns it to municipalities in the form of an indexed unconditional grant to each municipality for use in their

This year’s $5,503,372 federal gas tax al- location for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell is divided up between the ninemunicipalities in the riding and the UCPR. The counties

Le député fédéral de Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, Francis Drouin, a annoncé plus de 5,5 M$ pour sa circonscription cette année, du Fonds fédéral de la taxe sur l’essence. L’argent sera réparti entre les neuf municipalités de la circonscription et les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell et sera disponible pour des travaux d’infrastructuresmunicipaux, y compris les routes, les ponts et les infrastructures récréatives et liées au tourisme. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

Réunions portant sur le budget municipal 2018 Le conseil municipal discutera du budget 2018 lors de réunions qui auront lieu le mardi 7 novembre, le mercredi 8 novembre et le jeudi 9 novembre à 18h. Toutes les réunions auront lieu dans la salle du conseil située au 415, rue Lemay à Clarence Creek et sont ouvertes au public. Le mercredi 15 novembre et le jeudi 16 novembre ont été aussi établis comme des dates supplémentaires pour conclure les discussions budgétaires, si nécessaire. – Alexia Marsillo

will receive $2,595,854; Russell Township, $463,557; Champlain Township, $260,647; Clarence-Rockland, $704,898; Casselman, $110,242; East Hawkesbury Township, $101,395; Hawkesbury, $320,784; Alfred- Plantagenet Township, $279,588; North Glengarry Township, $311,663; and The Nation Municipality, $354,744. Club de Golf de Rockland, 301, Montée Outaouais Mike Gervais : 613-850-8124

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