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Our Core Values and Their Meaning

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An Awesome Phone Solution From RingCentral

R ing C entral

the tools they need to take the office in their pocket, you need Voice-over-IP (VoIP) software, which delivers everything you need from a phone system in one centralized place. For this, we turn to RingCentral Office. Without getting into too much tech jargon, RingCentral allows you to piggyback your business phone systems onto existing devices, most crucially the cell phones of your team members. By logging into the RingCentral app, your team can run their personal cell phone like it’s their work phone. All of the features of your business communication system translate to the cloud via RingCentral, including messaging, video conferencing, and fax services. At higher pricing tiers, you can even add features like auto

attendants and call recordings. The list of add-on features allows you to tailor RingCentral to the needs of your business. While the feature sets and customizability are great draws, the real allure of RingCentral is the flexibility it provides employees. Because the service is cloud-based, RingCentral can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. It makes communication seamless between in-office and off-site employees, as well as their customers. Even better, it allows team members to easily separate business and personal calls and messages — no more needing to carry two phones or ask your field staff to give out their personal numbers in a pinch. It’s like having two phone systems on one device.

In today’s business environment, distance is no excuse for a lack of communication or information sharing. A decade or two ago, customers were more willing to wait on a call back if their contact person was out in the field and didn’t have all the relevant information on hand. Today, saying “I’m on the road and will call you back,” just doesn’t cut it. To give your staff all of

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