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Fun Facts About America’s Treasure Trove

From Gold Bars to Priceless Artifacts UNLOCK THE MYSTERIES OF FORT KNOX

We all know the country’s gold reserve is securely stored in a vault at Fort Knox. However, have you ever wondered about the exact amount of money housed in the vault or who can access it? A treasure trove of interesting facts lies hidden in the billions bunker of Kentucky, but here are a few tidbits we know. GOLD The first pieces of gold arrived at the fort in 1937 and had to be transported by a top-secret caravan. Every gold bar weighs 27.5 pounds, and Fort Knox currently holds about 147.3 million ounces of gold. By today’s standards, that’s almost $300 billion. The most gold to ever be held at the fort was in 1941 when it contained 649.6 million ounces. SECURITY This building is one of the most secure in the country; no one person knows the whole combination number to access the vault of gold.

The information is split up among several different people. The exterior has two separate electric fences and an additional concrete barrier. The government spends about $5 million yearly to protect the site, including other security measures like searchlights. Visitors are rarely allowed inside, but Franklin Roosevelt did get to inspect the gold vault himself in 1943, making him the only U.S. president in history to visit. OTHER VALUABLES Fort Knox has also kept other valuable, historic items safe. During WWII, the government kept the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence within its walls. In 1978, it housed the cape of the king of Hungary and the Magna Carta, the medieval English charter of rights. The military even stored supplies of morphine sulfate inside during the Cold War due to the fear they might run out of painkillers if foreign sources of opium dissipated.




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