PCOA Annual Report 2022-2023



447 people participated in Family Caregiver Support Groups. 75 family caregivers were trained in Caregiving Essentials. 2,274 people received personalized caregiver support services. 111 caregivers received 28,580 hours of respite services.

365 older adults participated in our Healthy Living programs

Programs offered this year included A Matter of Balance, EnhanceFitness, Healthy Living with Chronic Pain and the Aging Mastery Program. The feedback received from program participants validates the benefits that they have received and the importance of offering these evidence-based programs in community settings. The overall goal of our programs is to empower older adults with health information, tools and resources to enable them to maintain their independence and quality of life. Volunteer opportunities are available in many of our healthy living programs.

PCOA’s aging & caregiving specialists help to decrease stress and increase support and coping skills for caregivers by providing information and assisting with accessing resources. We offer individual consultations, caregiver support groups (in-person and virtually), education, and respite services to give caregivers a break. We are proud to offer supports and services in both Spanish and English.

"The program content was very engaging and informative. I was pleased to meet many new and interesting people. It was great to learn and interact with my peers!" - Aging Mastery Program Participant

“Excellent class! Makes you feel you are not alone. We all have fallen and can do better, be smarter, and be more aware of our surroundings.”

We serve caregivers providing care to someone 60 or older, or someone of any age with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. We also partner with Arizona Kinship Support Services

(or AKSS), a program of Arizona’s Children Association, to support kinship caregivers. This year, we are excited to share that support group participation more than tripled, and personalized consultation more than doubled over the past year.

– A Matter of Balance Program Participant




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