PCOA Annual Report 2022-2023



33,633 people helped through our Helpline services.

3,651 long-term care residents provided ombudsman services. 1,544 complaints resolved. 3,385 visits to long-term care facilities. 435 consultations with family members’ residents in long-term care facilities. 265 consultations to facility staff. 267 resident/ family council meetings.

The Helpline is typically the first point of entry for people in need contacting PCOA. PCOA’s Helpline staff serves two primary functions: to provide accurate information and referrals to services both within PCOA and in the community, and to conduct intake screenings for various case-managed services through the Community Services System.

PCOA’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program advocates for residents in long-term care facilities in Pima County, which include 24 skilled nursing facilities and 330 board and care facilities (i.e., assisted living facilities, adult care homes, and adult foster homes). The team conducts monthly visits to 23 Skilled Nursing Facilities, bi-monthly visits to the 51 Assisted Living Facilities, and quarterly visits to 233 Assisted Living Homes. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program seeks to: • Resolve complaints made by or for residents of long-term care facilities. • Advocate for residents’ rights and quality care in long-term care facilities. • Educate consumers and long-term care providers about residents’ rights and good care practices. • Provide information to the public on long-term care facilities and services and residents’ rights. • Promote the development of family and resident councils. “Your help with getting resolution with the facility my mother was in was key in getting the outcome we needed. I’m sure this outcome would not have happened so quickly if you had not been involved. I spent several days trying to get information from the facilities to no avail. Your actions made all the difference. To top that off,

PCOA Helpline staff gather basic information about the caller and the issue or question they are calling about. Staff then refer the caller to PCOA-provided services or to a network of other

community agencies that may be able to address their needs. Helpline staff assist people with a diverse range of concerns and

have documented a significant increase in emergency requests including crisis calls or referrals.

you followed up to make sure things were resolved. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.”

– Ombudsman client



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