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Charles Mack Jr., DPT Charles Mack Jr. (DPT) has been with NOVA Rehabilitationfor approximately 10 months. He has also worked at the facility as a student intern for 10 weeks in Spring 2017. Charles Mack Jr. graduated from Wichita State University in May 2017. While at Wichita St, Charles co-taught “Neuromuscular Examination, Assessment and Interventions” & “Clinical Skills” as a graduate teachers assistant. He has Basic & Performance certifications in Functional Movement Training (FMT) Taping. He is

IASTM Smart tools certified. Charles is certified in Dry needling level 1 with plans of taking the level 2 course this upcoming fall. He works with patients of varying ages, concentrating his work largely in the orthopedic, neurological, & sports rehabilitation sectors of physical therapy. Charles was involved in an auto accident when he was 16 years old in which he was hit by an 18-wheeler semi-trailer truck. As a result of the accident, he had 21 surgeries, over 150 different types of medication administered to him, & experienced three separate incidences of cardiac arrest, while recovering in the hospital. Charles enjoys playing sports, going fishing, & attending church. He believes that the road life has taken him on has given him the desire to always make the most of every moment. Charles aspires take this mindset to work with him every day, while treating his clients. He lives in our own Loudoun county with his wife.

“I went to Nova Rehabilitation because it has good review on Yelp. Dr. Vinod still exceeds my expectation and he is very knowledgeable in his field. He is very personal too with the magic hands. With the tiny dry needles, he can ease your pain immediately. I continue to go back to him for different physical issues:-)” J.Y, Ashburn,VA “He is very personal too with the magic hands.”

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7 1 6 8

1 9 8 5 3

4 9 1 4

1. Feel free to call us and ask to speak to your therapist . 2. Your therapist can discuss with you why your pain is bothering you again and what you might do about it at home. 3. If further assessment is warranted, your therapist might recommend you come in for an appointment.



5 3 8 8

3 4 6 1 9

3 5 9 2


n° 222047 - Level Medium 3 2 4 1 8 4 The rules of the game are simple: each of the nine blocks has to contain all the numbers 1-9 within its squares. Each number can only appear once in a row, column or box.

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