WV Weddings Fall Winter 2020

S some of the greatest love stories start slowly , ebbing and flowing until two people are truly ready to start their lives together, and that’s exactly what happened for Hayley Leight and JJ Dunn. The pair were no more than two students at rival West Virginia high schools who occasionally crossed paths when their swim teams shared a practice facility. JJ was older, thriving as the popular swim captain, and, although she always admired him, Hayley kept her feelings to herself. When they both ended up at West Virginia University, they grew closer, sharing dinners and study sessions. JJ was the one with the crush, then, and even helped Hayley’s father move her into an apartment at WVU. But although college is a place where many long-lasting relationships sow their roots, it still wasn’t quite their time. After leaving WVU, the two set out on their separate paths and eventually lost touch. They didn’t reconnect until years later, when Hayley traveled back to West Virginia from her new home in New York City. One brunch together in Bridgeport was all it took for the spark to return, this time in both of them equally, and at the same time. Before they knew it, they were head-over-heels in a long-distance romance, one traveling six or more hours to the other’s home nearly every weekend.

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