WV Weddings Fall Winter 2020

Eight months passed before they finally ended up together in New York full-time. By then, they knew they couldn’t have it any other way. “There was a moment when doing the back- and-forth was becoming really hard,” Hayley says. “Because we honestly just never wanted to say goodbye.” the proposal About 10 months later, Hayley, a medical professional, had just flown back to West Virginia from San Diego, where she had been doing a rotation. She’d caught a bad cold along the way and was exhausted. She just wanted to get back to her parents’ house to visit and relax. Her father inexplicably kept delaying their arrival home from the airport, frustrating Hayley and insisting they make seemingly unnecessary stops. “He was just buying me some time,” JJ laughs. JJ felt it was only right that he propose at the home where Hayley grew up. “I know it’s not the grandest of gestures,” he says. “But I knew that her family’s house was her safe spot.” When Hayley’s father finally got her to the house, she walked into a room full of candles and roses, staring at the man she knew she’d marry. She may have been frazzled after a day of travel, and wasn’t feeling her best. But there, in her childhood home with family nearby and her future husband in front of her, everything was perfect.

Hayley and JJ chose the spectacular landscape of Four Fillies Lodge

in Peterstown for their special day. The rustic lodge, guest cottages,

and woodland chapel were the perfect fit for their plans.

52 | WV WEDDINGS Fall/Winter 2020

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