Hola Sober April 2024

New Activities This is a big one. Anyone who has ruined previous holidays with drinking will know the sinking feeling of missing out on an early morning boat trip because you didn’t get up in time, or couldn’t face the rocking sensation whilst dealing with a raging hangover. Remember the disappointment of leaving a place having barely seen what it has to offer, because your attention was firmly at the bottom of a glass? One of the real joys of a sober holiday is the amount of time you have to focus on new experiences. Picture sunset horseback rides, ethical elephant sanctuaries, sunrise boats through mangroves, scuba diving, cooking classes, and fitness sessions. And not forgetting the evenings, which don’t have to be ‘boring’ without alcohol: private fire shows, beach picnics, in-villa dinner parties, mocktail-making evenings and restorative yoga practice are just a few ways to enjoy holiday evenings without booze. Enriching experiences When I finally stopped drinking, something that took me by surprise was how little I knew about myself. Who was I meant to be without the booze on a night out? At work? At home? Figuring out what gives us joy and meaning in place of alcohol will look different for each of us. What can help everyone is setting time aside to unwind and reflect on this significant question, while surrounded by gorgeous scenery. What better way to help you do that than by having an easy-going coach on hand to motivate you with simple nudges, great conversations and confidence-boosting workshops. Coaching has given me a better sense of what matters to me and has helped me grow in confidence and create new rituals. On an alcohol-free holiday, you’ll find the time and headspace to explore what you want out of life now you’ve committed to a sober lifestyle. Our co-founder Reb, a certified coach specialising in mindset change, invites guests to participate in these welcoming, thought-provoking, and fun sessions. Sleep and rest To anyone who has spent a holiday drinking every day, you’ll know how impossible it is to achieve a truly restful night’s sleep, or to relax and rest during your days whilst you try to battle the internal hangxiety and panic. Hands down one of the best things about alcohol-free holidays is you can sleep as much and as long as you like. There’s no pressure to join in all the activities, but if you want to there’s still lots of downtime scheduled. After days filled with fun, activities, and new friendships, a long and restful night’s sleep awaits.


Where you stay needs to be comfortable, somewhere you’re happy to spend a lot of your time without the need for escape or avoidance. Seeking beautiful surroundings that induce a feeling of calm and a bit of luxury is critical for a restful and enjoyable trip. Salty Bird uses villas that have good-sized bedrooms for each guest, with lots of space for activities or relaxation, for dining and socialising.


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