Hola Sober April 2024

Food and Drink

And finally, a big one for a lot of us planning a holiday: what will we eat?! And specifically, for us sober-curious types, what will we drink?! Salty Bird is in the business of delicious. Our holidays are about indulgence, treats and pleasure, not restriction, fasts or ‘extreme wellness’. Co-founded by UK Masterchef contestant Laura, Salty Bird offers a range of beautiful, fresh and delicious food, building new rituals around food that you can take back into your day-to-day sober life: brunches full of locally sourced ingredients, afternoon tea and cake, indulgent desserts and delicious dinners enjoyed at your private in-villa dining space, as well as, evenings out sampling the best local food. For drinks, we offer all the usual soft drinks plus alcohol-free beers and we run a mocktail class giving you the knowledge to create beautiful alcohol-free cocktails back home. Of course, holidays may not be the most challenging part of tackling sobriety or grey area drinking for everyone. But for those, like me, who are seeking new perspectives, great experiences, and relaxation with coaching and guidance to help navigate this major life change - an alcohol- free, small-group holiday that focuses on fun, food, and female friendship could be just the Casino win you are looking for.


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