Hola Sober April 2024

Hola Sober


Words from Sober Sisters

I have not found myself crying more In Sobriety in the emotional thaw. This is one reason I am doing the Pledge 100. I want to be more in touch with my emotions. I want to look at where I am and how I got to this place in my life. I feel like I have built up such a protective wall around myself, to be seen as a strong woman, that I need to peel away those layers around my heart. I do feel there are times of emotional joy, such as seeing grandkids and walks in beautiful nature. After the reading today, I can look back and remember those tears of anger and frustration I had as a child. But those feelings were held back and not allowed to be released as I grew into adulthood. I never saw my parents or grandparents cry either. I somehow equated stoic as strong. I envied people who could cry in joy. It took years to build the walls. Dismantling them will be an arduous process of self-love. -M.P.M.- Cuveballs bring Gratitude I pray throughout the day and at the day. I read my meditations and listen to the words and am grateful for what they have to say. I walk each day with my husband by the beach and the vast oceans speaks hope and peace. I write down my thoughts or a quote that I heard and keep an ear to my life and see what it has to say to me in each day. I. listen to cd's and dance in my living room and I use my yoga mat to do online practice to give my body attention. Routine is my best friend in sobriety.



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