Hola Sober April 2024


I lean toward calming hues- I love shades of blue and green. I get my color therapy out in the natural world. It is truly a wonder each season while out on walks and hikes to see the changes. In spring the green is vivid, so green I’ve said many times it almost hurts my eyes after the grey of winter. New growth, leaves unfurling, green things poking up through the earth, fresh ferns in little tight green balls- it never gets old. In the summertime, the wild rugosa roses bloom in the many hues of blue ocean. The first weekend of July is always celebrated by a beautiful display of pink mountain laurels in the woods. Fall brings a firework of color, a last blast before the long winter. I always feel as though nature is saying, here, I’m giving you a gift of blazing red and orange and yellow before you hunker down for the winter. Truly amazing and I enjoy every second of these offerings, every season. Julie C.

The joy of sobriety lies in the freedom it brings, allowing me to embrace life fully and authentically. For me, it's waking up clear-headed, without the weight of guilt or regret from last night, which in my life, was WAY TOO MANY nights. It's finding joy in moments of peace and contentment, rather than seeking temporary escape; understanding quiet is not depression. Quiet is steady, not depressed. -Mary T. For 18 months, every time I would exercise, I ended up in tears. At first I was embarrassed. Then I thought “About what? You are here all alone, let it out!” Then I read “The Body Keeps The Score” and after that, every time I cry, I just visualize some deep part of me, probably as a child, that wanted to cry, but wasn’t allowed to, and I just let it out. All that subconscious fear and self-doubt and shame….it’s a cleansing. And when I cry because something is beautiful or moves my heart, it makes me so happy…I think crying is such a gift now!!

Lisa H.


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