Hola Sober April 2024

We are hyper-vigilant about everything we put into our body, and everything we do to our body, and we are proud of this. We Instagram how proud we are of this, and we follow Goop and Well+Good, and we drop 40 bucks on an exercise class because there are healing crystals in the floor. The global wellness economy is estimated to be worth $4 trillion. $4 TRILLION DOLLARS. We are on an endless and expensive quest for wellness and vitality and youth. And we drink fucking rocket fuel.”

― Holly Whitaker Quit Like a Woman

And we drink fucking rocket fuel. And we dress it up in pink packaging and fancy glasses and tell ourselves we are cool, celebrating life, rewarding ourselves at the end of a long hard day. And we lean in on sobriety in some hopeful half-ass way hoping that one morning in the distant future our hope will stick. Wine o clock addiction will not be beaten by hope. Wine o clock addiction will only be beaten by a single mind focused like a drill sergeant on repetition daily committing to the sober promise and creating one badass storm in our world to make the changes needed.

Badass. Not half-assed today. Badass today. And we drink fucking rocket fuel.

I HOPE your day is kind and gentle and that the war you wage on your demons is BADASS. Stay and commit ladies. Not today lady, not today. You’re a walking miracle, strut accordingly.

Susan Christina



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