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July, 2019



As we are amid summer, things havebeenhappeningatFyzicalEl Paso,both inourteam’spersonal and professional lives. I am so proud of all the advancements our team has made (and continues to make) in furthering their skillsets. One of our physical therapists, Joe Cole (AKA “Dr. Frankenstein”) had been studying to become a Certified Hand Therapist for 4 years, and he recently passed his certification on the first try! This is no small feat and we’re excited and proud of Joe for his hard work. Way to go Joe!

One thing I will say though – we did a lot of walking while we were inScotland!Weplayedgolf, 7-miles a day from what Mason toldme.Naturallywedidwalking toursthatwerealsoseveralmiles combined in addition to all the golf. I’m not used to walking, since it’s usually too hot to do so here at home – so I had to train beforehand. You may be wondering, “Train? For walking?” Yes! It is always important to train for upcoming physical activities that you are

not used to doing – even walking. So, if you are going on a vacation this summer that will demand more walking than you are used to, you should train, too! Here are some tips to increase strength in your hips, back, and glutes: • Walkouts. • Abbreviated/short lunges. • General bows to extensions – emphasize bending at the hips with leg weights and standing all the way up, while keeping your back straight. • Sit-to-stands – begin at a sitting position and stand all the way up. As you get better, try not to sit all the way back down. Alltheseexercisescanbedonefromthecomfortofyour own home, improving repetitions over time. Don’t let yourself be sore while you’re on vacation!These will help you prepare for your trip, so you can enjoy your vacation withoutpain–andasalways, ifyou’d likeextraassistance, don’t hesitate to stop by our practice.

Several of our team members have also passed their level 2 certifications for balance. Everyone is dedicated to improving themselves so they can provide awesome careforourpatients.Certificationsarehard–theyconsist of weekend courses, competency tests, studying, and exams. I am so proud of the ambition and willingness that isconsistentlydemonstratedbyourteam.Notevery physicaltherapistacceptsthischallenge– itshowspure dedication, desire, and drive. As for myself, I want to share that after many years, my family and I were finally able to go on a bucket-list trip of a lifetime. We traveled to Scotland on the first week of June, where I was able to spend time with my family and play golf with my Sons in the home of golf. It was a difficult test of golf, but it was worth every slice and pull. Life is so different there, simpler perhaps? While we were there, we visited historic sites like castles anddungeonsthatoffer insight intothousandsofyearsof historyandculture.Ihadbeendreamingofthisforso long and we built memories this June. We got to experience the epicenter of Scottish culture together.

Make the most of your vacation mode!

- Luis, Fyzical El Paso


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