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March 2018

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Hello, readers! If you’ve been in to visit our firm in the past year, chances are we’ve already met. As an intake specialist, I’m often the first point of contact with new clients, getting to hear their stories and determine the best course of action we can offer. Being able to help so many people move forward with their lives is an extremely rewarding experience. In fact, I’ve always been interested in helping people. The only question was, “How?” After doing an internship at a nonprofit organization, Louisiana Civil Justice Center, my mind was made up. I wanted to be a lawyer. Thus, I spend a lot of my time outside of the office studying up for the LSAT. But despite all of my prep books, the most important lessons I’ve learned about working in law have come from this firm. My year at Smiley Law Firm has taught me the human side of the profession. Not only are all of our lawyers energetic and motivated, they really care about our community. Through our day-to-day efforts to help clients and our involvement with SBP, St. Bernard Project to construct housing for those in need, I’ve learned just how honest and down-to-earth lawyers can be. You won’t find that in a text book. “My year at Smiley Law Firm has taught me the human side of the profession. You won’t find that in a text book.” Getting to show the human side of our firm to a wider audience is one of the best parts of my job. Part of my responsibility is managing our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. I’m the one behind all the “throwback Thursdays” and food truck shoutouts! Being able to capture our exuberant team spirit in a post or picture is as fun as it is rewarding. Between using social media and assisting clients directly, I’m incredibly lucky to have a job where I’m excited to work every single day.

2017 Beignet Festival on Lafayette Square

Outside of work, you’ll find me exploring everything our fair city has to offer. I grew up outside of New Orleans in the suburbs of Metairie and graduated from Loyola, so I’m about as local as they come. Still, New Orleans has so many gems hidden within her margins, and I am endlessly rediscovering it. Finding the cafés and antique shops that history has sprinkled throughout our streets never gets old. The only thing better than the architecture in this city is the people. Folks here have a warmth and resilience you don’t see anywhere else. Whether I’m out for a jog or just wandering the city, the exuberant spirit of the people I meet along the way never fails to recharge my batteries. I’m so fortunate to live and work in this town. Being able to serve such a loving community has been an amazing opportunity. Come March 12, I’ll be celebrating another birthday in the city I love. Stay awesome, New Orleans.

–Meriem Seddiki

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