Mortgage Marketing Animals Issue 3

CALL TO ACTIONWHEN TALKINGWITH EXISTING CLIENTS So, who else do you know who would benefit from receiving the same excellent service that you’re already getting from us on THIS loan? UNIVERSE RESET BUTTON SCRIPT I really enjoyed working with you. In fact, if there was a Universe Reset Button (or if there was a magic button out there like that Staples Easy Button) that would make it so I only have __________ like you (clients, Realtors, partners, friends, sisters, brothers, waitresses, hairdressers, you get the picture), I would push that button all day long. Thanks for being so awesome.— If this is a business relationship, add your call to action. — Is there anyone you know who is as awesome as you and needs our help? The following script can be used in response to an agent asking, “HOWDID YOU HEAR ABOUT ME?” OR “WHY DO YOUWANT TOMEET WITHME?” You, the loan officer, are in charge of making the phone ring and bringing in new business. Once that phone call comes in, your receptionist will answer it and direct your client to your loan officer assistant (LOA), who is now in charge of that client and file. Your assistant will take their application and get that information back to you, and you will call that client back and sell the deal. This is the Lead to Closing method, and, on average, we’ve found that LOAs can handle about eight files every month this way. In the Contract to Closingmethod, as the loan officer, you take your clients’ applications,meet with them, sell them the deals, and then hand them off to your assistant.Using this method,we’ve found that LOAs can handle about 12 files per month.Once you get anything higher than that, it’s a good idea to start hiring a second or third LOA to keep up with the clients coming in. It’s much easier to spot a problem within the Pod Model than it is with the Assembly Line Model. For example, if you have three LOAs, and each of them receives a lead as they come in (the first goes to LOA1, the second to LOA2, the third to LOA3, the

fourth to LOA1, and so forth), they’ll have the same amount of leads and closings. In my company, we close about 25 percent of all our leads, so if each of our LOAs has about 40 leads, they should have around 10 closings per month. If one LOA has 40 leads and has only closed four loans, we have a problem and can fix it quickly. I believe that the Pod Model is a much better way to form a team. It’s far easier to spot a mistake and correct it than the Assembly Line Model and allows everyone in your team to learn the ropes of each step. If someone were to go on vacation, we have the people available to pick up the slack because they’ve been trained in multiple areas, unlike Assembly, where people are only tasked and trained in one area. I hope that all of you find my description of both models helpful, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for letting me help you folks out and share my knowledge with you each month.


My team and I keep an ongoing list at my office. It says “Great Realtors” at the top. When we come across a Realtor we think is exceptional or hear another Realtor raving about a great agent, we put those Realtors’ names down on our list. Then, I look over that list every month and choose a few of those Realtors to meet with. That’s why you and I are sitting here today. Or That’s why I am calling you today. At some point in time, your name made it onto our great Realtor list. < pause > You see, I think it’s important to get to know the top-notch Realtors around town, as it’s only a matter of time before we end up at the closing table together. If I get to know you sooner rather than later, it’s easier for me to meet your needs when that mutual closing comes.

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