Mortgage Marketing Animals Issue 3

USING VIDEO TO CONNECT WITH YOUR REFERRAL NETWORK, NEW LEADS, AND MORE! TOOL TIME: BOMBBOMB In a recent interview with one of our Freedom Club members, Chris talks about video strategies to use with your referral network, new leads, and more. and professional manner. He uses video for these first-time connections and makes sure to copy the real estate agents onto these emails as well, giving them peace of mind.

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During the interview, Chris explains how he noticed a constant challenge in this “ever- automated world” to connect with his clients on a personal level. He even talks about how he would regularly have experiences where his thoughts were misunderstood in a typed- out email. “As salespeople, we need to understand that we’re not just responsible for the transmission of a message, but also how that transmission is received,” says Chris. In short, video is a better way to communicate, and BombBomb makes it easy! Chris loves the Gmail integration because he can compose an email and record a video straight into BombBomb from his Gmail inbox, enabling him to share his warmth, mannerisms, and smile — making a much larger impact. In addition, he saves time by talking instead of typing. Chris believes that as a mortgage broker, it’s very important for him to give the real estate agents he works with reassurance that he’s immediately reaching out to and taking care of the leads they have referred to him in a timely

He also uses video to help differentiate himself in the beginning of the process because he’s not always the only person reaching out to these new leads. Chris mentions how difficult it is to actually get someone on the phone, concluding that video allows him to connect with people in a way that he wasn’t able to before. Simple video messages with his webcam help him stand out in a crowd and allow people to feel like they have a personal connection with him— even if they’ve never met him in person! For people who have not yet started using video but are considering it, Chris’s best tip is to ask themselves one question —will your business rely more on video or less on video in the future? He believes that video is the future and is where they should be taking their business. Chris also mentions that when he first started using video, he dealt with the challenge of disliking the way he looked or sounded in certain videos, which many of us can relate to. “But here’s the thing: It’s not about being super polished; it’s about being authentic, because people do business with you because of who you are.”

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