Mortgage Marketing Animals Issue 3

For S: Pace-Process, higher in adaptive means you try to slow down the pace of the process, and lower represents trying to speed up the pace. Finally, for C. Procedures/ Precedent-Quality, if you’re higher adaptive, you’re concerned or worried about improving quality, but lower means you have less fear of quality, rules, and pioneering. ***If the numbers for the DISC are in the midline neutral for all of the categories, we are most likely under excessive stress and trying to be all things to all people in the current situation. This can be the chameleon effect, depending on which hat is needed to be worn at the time. Hence, this can change with role and circumstance adjustments. NATURAL TALENTS VS. NONTALENTS What we excel at when we are not thinking about or conscious of our behavior is our natural talent. We see things very clearly. It is your innate aptitude. This develops into strengths. When we must think or extend extra effort on an acquired skill, this can wear on us and cause stress. When we are working in this realm, those skills are our nontalents. We are okay for the short term, but we may grow weary, frustrated, and unfulfilled in the long haul. Hence, this develops into a weakness. We are neither inherently strong nor weak; we create these attitudes when we are within our talents and nontalents. Keep in mind that some may find an evaluation to be offensive, deeming the results of characteristics as clinical. But it is behavioral science, and our objective is to engineer an epiphany through questions and DISCoveries. D — Decisive, domineering, direct, decision-maker, outspoken, results-oriented, leader, problem-solver, Type A, task-oriented, Donald Trump, Gen. Patton I — Influential, friendly, outgoing, talkative, optimistic, life of the party, people-oriented, Oprah, Jimmy Fallon S — Stabilizing, steady, team player, stable, consistent, maintains status quo, peacemaker, family-oriented, patient, does not like to deliver bad news, can help solve problems, likes security, salary, people-oriented, Mother Teresa, Barbara Bush, Larry Page C — Cautious, compliant, logical, organized, data-driven, methodical, perfectionist, systematic, detail-oriented, task- oriented, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein Loan Officer — D: 60–99, I: 60–99, S: 10–50, C: 10–25- plus (maybe ADD in the C area with 10)

Loan Partner/Assistant — D: 25–50, I: 60-plus, S: 50- plus, C: 40–50-plus Processor — D: 10–20, I: 40–65, S: 50–99, C: 60–99 Freedom Caller — High D, high I, S is not important, some C for organization DSP Manager — D: 25, I: 60, S: 99, C: 60 Business Development Manager/Director or Weather Person — High D, high I, middle S, and middle C Quota for BDM — The reps responsibility and full- time job is for 160 hours of effort for the month. That should convert to the following: • Month 1: five new leads to contract — minimum of one a week • Month 2: 10 new leads to contract — minimum of two a week • Month 3: 15 new leads to contract — minimum of three a week Ops Manager — similar to LP, LOA, processing higher I, S, and C and a lower D is for members to use. is for team members to use. is for loan officers.

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