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Multiple charges against hit-and-run driver


gers still inside the black Ford Mustang but the police report later noted the passengers were dropped later in Hawkesbury and the driver continued onwith his escape attempt, almost running head-onwith a police cruiser at the time. The suspect’s vehicle clipped a second cruiser but without damage and continued fleeing frompolice. Officers had noted down

A Russell Township man faces several charges after police had to chase himdown for fleeing from an accident scene. Samuel Auger, 18, a resident of Russell Township, is charged under the Criminal Code with two counts of forcible confi-

nement, and single counts of weapon assault on a police officer, attempting to evade police, and dangerous driving. He is also charged under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act with failure to remain

the licence plate num- ber of the vehicle as it sped off but computer records showed it be- longed to a different vehicle than the one they were chasing, a black Nissan rather than a Mustang. The Mustang was

The suspect driver drove off from the intersection in what the police incident report described as «a dangerous manner» and at high speed

at the scene of an accident and using an ille- gal licence plate, and under the provincial vehicle insurance regulations with driving without auto insurance, which has a mini- mum fine upon conviction of $5000. The charges all resulted from police investigation of a Nov. 4 traffic accident report in Champlain Township. In mid-af- ternoon Hawkesbury OPP station received a call about a vehicle hitting the side wall of a commercial building and also a parked vehicle at the intersection of Highway 34 and Greenlane Road in Champlain Township. The suspect driver drove off from the in- tersection in what the police incident report described as «a dangerous manner» and at high speed. Witnesses reported two passen-

later seen on Highway 417, still driving at high speed and failing to stop for police. Signs of severe front end damage to the car were noted. The driver was later identified and arrested the day after the hit-and-run incident. Auger is scheduled for the Dec. 2 provin- cial court session in L’Orignal. Impaired driving Luc Beauclair, 28, of South Glengarry Township, is charged with impaired driving and driving with a blood-alcohol reading exceeding 80 milligrams following police investigation of a Nov. 7 accident report about a car that went out of control on a curve on County Road 15 near the Conces- sion 10 intersection in Alfred-Plantagenet

Township. The car ended upside down in the ditch.The driver sufferedminor injuries. Beauclair is also charged with careless

driving under the Highway Traffic Act. He is scheduled for the Dec. 2 provincial court session in L’Orignal.

Arrested twice in one day

Domestic assault Russell County OPP had five domestic dispute cases over the Halloween weekend. In one case, a young woman is charged with assaulting her ex-boyfriend at school. The name of the accused is withheld because she is under the age of 18 and also to protect the identity of the victim. Impaired driver Richard Begin, 32, of Limoges, was charged with impaired driving and driving with a blood-alcohol reading exceeding 80 milligrams.The charges resulted frompolice investigation of an Oct. 28 incident. Begin is scheduled for the Nov. 18 provincial court session in L’Orignal. Stop sign runner Driving through an intersection with a posted stop sign without even slowing down got the attention of Const. Shaun Campbell on Oct. 29. Eric Montreuil, 42, was charged with impaired driving and driving with a blood-alcohol reading exceeding 80 milli- grams. He is scheduled for the Nov. 18 pro- vincial court session in L’Orignal.

An Ottawa man did not learn his lesson the first time he got arrested in Prescott- Russell. Scott Beauregard, 33, of Ottawa, was charged with impaired driving and driving with a blood-alcohol reading exceeding 80 milligrams following police investigation of an early-morning accident involving a pickup truck onHighway 417, Oct. 29. Beau- regard’s vehicle was impounded for seven days and his driver’s licence suspended for the same period. The OPP incident report noted that five hours after he was released, Beauregard drove to the tow yard to retrieve some perso- nal belongings from the impounded pickup truck. Police arrived and arrested Beauregard for driving while his licence was suspended. He also had his existing licence suspen- sion extended three more days because his blood-alcohol level still exceeded the legal limit. The vehicle he used to drive to the tow yard was also impounded for a seven- day period.

L’UCFO appuie la création d’une université francophone en Ontario L’Union culturelle des Franco-Ontariennes (l’UCFO) a tenu à souligner son appui à la création d’une nouvelle université de langue française en Ontario. L’UCFO croit qu’une université francophone en Ontario est une nécessité pour le plein développement et l’épanouissement de la communauté fran- cophone de la province, en plus de contribuer à l’avancement de l’ensemble de la société ontarienne. Par le fait même, l’UCFO a souligné qu’elle appuyait la demande faite à la première ministre de l’Ontario, le 10 février dernier, soit de nommer un conseil des gouverneurs transitoire pour assurer la mise sur pied d’une université d’ici 2018. Cette demande constitue l’une des principales recomman- dations découlant des États généraux sur le postsecondaire en Ontario français, une consultation qui a été tenue dans plusieurs régions de la province, depuis 2013. L’UCFO croit qu’avec un engagement soutenu du gouvernement provincial, la communauté franco-ontarienne parviendra à franchir les prochaines étapes pour la mise en œuvre de ce projet qui, selon elle, forgera un avenir meilleur pour l’Ontario français. L’Union culturelle des Franco-Ontariennes est un organisme provincial qui œuvre depuis 1936 à l’avancement de la situation de la femme francophone en Ontario. School district and union ready to settle The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) have a tentative deal ready for review and possible signing. If approved, the new contract will finish negotiations for the past year between the two sides. Terms of the new contract remain confidential until both the OSSTF members for the Upper Canada district and the UCDSB board of trustees have ratified the document. Contract negotiations continue between the UCDSB and the unions representing elementary school teachers, occasional teachers, and support staff. – Gregg Chamberlain Visitez le Musée virtuel du patrimoine franco-ontarien mON

Découvrez les centaines d’objets témoignant de l’immense contribution des francophones à l’essor de la province. /HVPXV«HVGHOȇ2QWDULRɋQRWUHKLVWRLUHQRWUHP«PRLUH

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