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The 1995 Rugby World Cup

elected in 1994, was set on championing a “rainbow nation” in this new postapartheid era.

Rugby started in England in the late 1800s, and colonizers took it to South Africa, where South Africans of every color embraced the game. It was controversial because of its connection to the architects of apartheid, but Mandela saw rugby’s potential as a symbol of hope and unity for a country that desperately needed it. Springboks captain Francois Pienaar (played by Matt Damon in “Invictus,” the film adaptation of this event) thought the president’s support of the team was a brilliant act. “During those six weeks, what happened in this country was incredible,” Pienaar said. Just before the final game that would decide the 1995 World Cup winners, Mandela sported a Springboks jersey and stood behind the team. Through a hard-fought match, South Africa came out on top, and, after receiving the trophy from President Mandela, Pienaar explained the atmosphere of the event: “When the final whistle blew, this country changed forever.” If the 1995 World Cup was any indication, the camaraderie inherent to rugby can transcend all kinds of barriers. Meet a fellow rugby player or fan in any part of the world, and you’ll likely forge an instant kinship. In 2021, you can look forward to cheering on the women’s teams during the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

MILLCREEK BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Plenty of professionals out there are rightly called heroes: soldiers, police officers, and firefighters chief among them. But those brave people putting their lives on the line aren’t the only ones who deserve applause. We’d argue that the employees at Millcreek Behavioral Health are doing lifesaving work, too, and we’re happy to help them look their best while they do it. Since 1988, the Arkansas-based Millcreek Behavioral Health facility has provided shelter, education, and treatment to kids struggling with behavioral health problems and developmental disorders. Its patients range in age from 6–18, and come from all over the U.S. for treatment and lodging, including states as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. In early November, the 2019 Rugby World Cup will wrap up in Japan. The international competition brings out world-class athletes and entertainment. While matches are certainly intense, respect for the competition and for referees is a core tenet of rugby culture. After going head-to-head with an opponent, you’ll still shake hands, and maybe have a beer together, at the end of a match. This principle was on full display nearly 25 years ago at the 1995 Rugby World Cup final in South Africa. The South African Springboks were up against the New Zealand All Blacks, and a number of factors made this an exceptional match. Just a few years earlier in 1991, apartheid legislation had been repealed in South Africa. The policy had left a deep cut, and the country still had a long journey toward healing and reparation. Nelson Mandela, who had been

Since finding our company through a Google search, Millcreek has used us to print logoed koozies and pens in addition to T-shirts. Just this September, Pam put in an order for 800 polo shirts for the entire Millcreek staff.

“I get quotes from other people all around, and Lynnpro always seems to beat everyone else’s quotes,” Pam says. “The quality is always good, and they get stuff to us in a timely manner.”

“We have 216 patients at the moment, and we’re the largest employer in our county,” says Millcreek Administrator Pam Burford.

Pam has worked closely with Elizabeth Holland, one of our sales representatives, and says she’s loved her experience.

For more than six years, Millcreek has worked with Lynnpro to outfit its staff in logoed T-shirts and polos and supplement its fundraisers and employee appreciation programs with branded merchandise. “We normally do T-shirts and sell them to staff, and the money raised goes to a Christmas fund for our children here. We use it to buy Christmas presents so all the kids have Christmas,” Pam says.

“Elizabeth Holland is the best!” Pam says. “I can shoot her an email for a quote, and within just a few minutes she’s already working on it and sending me a proof.”

We’re proud to count Pam and Millcreek among our clients and hope to outfit the hardworking heroes on their staff for years to come!


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