Hybrid Mail User Guide

Print driver To upload from a desktop program such as Microsoft Word, you must have a print driver installed. A print driver is unique to each icon, and will be made available on the following icon for each, which can be found after clicking start here on the relevant icon

Once installed it will show up in your printer list in the print dialogue box. Selecting it and printing with it will open your default browser, and ‘print’ their mailing directly into the website. Document types To speed up the overall upload process for regular mailings, a document type can be stored by the District Manager which you can select. To create a document type, the District Manager will log in, upload the document via either the direct PDF upload or Print Driver route, and then follow the step by step procedure. On the summary page the District Manager can then select ‘Save Document Type’ rather than ‘Submit Mail’ and name the document type.

When you then upload via either the direct PDF upload or Print Driver route, you can press ‘Select Document Type’ rather than ‘go step by step’ which will bring up the following dialogue box. You can then choose the document type and the settings saved within will be applied.

Via this route you will go from the upload, directly to the Address Validation page, then directly to the Summary page. If only one document type is stored it can be applied automatically.


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