Laundromat Insights Issue 2


Game-Changing Experience This duo was intent on making their laundromat truly different. So, the fact that offering customers an experience like no other in the market equates to amazing bottom-line numbers, shouldn’t come as a surprise. “Brad and I are all about customer service,” Max said. That focus starts the second you walk in the door – clean is just the beginning, this laundry brings a fresh smell that customers appreciate.

Each day, the laundromat business brings pretty predictable outcomes. Self-service customers come in with dirty laundry and leave with fresh, clean items – effectively and efficiently washed and dried. Wash-dry-fold clients get a premium experience… including the completion of that dreaded task of folding. Owners see that flow play out in real time on their smartphones and computers, translating the everyday scenes above into numbers, turns per day, cycle modifier percentages, effectiveness of time-of-day pricing.

“We’re able to fix problems immediately,” Max said of the customer-service benefits of remote monitoring and access to operations. “Just the ability to solve problems from home,” he added of the huge time savings value Speed Queen Insights offers versus needing to drive to the store, should there be an equipment or customer issue that needs attention. They also opted for clean machine fronts – no bulky, bolt-on card readers or coin drops here, which means no coin jams or payment snafus.

“We hear a lot that it smells clean in here…that it doesn’t smell like a laundromat,” Max said.

“This system allows us to get past all of that,” Max said of the Speed Queen mobile app and payment center.

The game-changing recipe for success obviously included far more than a dash of technology. Speed Queen’s Quantum Touch control is helping wow customers with an intuitive touchscreen that takes the user experience next level. But they drove things further in their spacious 3,750-square-foot laundry, adding Speed Queen Insights. While it’s easy to look at the system as more of an owner’s management tool, the pair saw that and much more.

And then there’s Brax Laundry in Oregon City, Ore.

“We’re able to fix problems immediately.”

Brad and Max (thus, the name Brax Laundry) Sabo opened the Portland area’s premier laundromat a few months ago and nothing has been as predicted. However, when you blow your projections out of the water pretty much since day one, unpredictable is just fine for these owners.

Max - Co-owner of Brax Laundry



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