Laundromat Insights Issue 2

This interactive magazine features profiles of laundromat owners and details of their businesses and lifestyles. Also included are tips and trends for the laundromat industry.


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PROFILE Like Family Laundromat owner Aaron Helms

TRENDS The Right Tool(s) for the Job Matching equipment to the location

COVER STORY Reps, Sets and Cycles Laundromat owner Bryan Donegan

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TIPS Keep it Growing Thoughts on growing through Acquisition

PROFILE Exceeding Expectations Laundromat owners Brad and Max Sabo

ABOUT The Company You Keep Alliance Laundry Systems



LIKE FAMILY The WashRoom is

Making a Difference in Two Communities

It was a damp April afternoon in Van Buren, Ark. and Aaron Helms stood atop a hill in a stiff wind detailing things to come. He walked the site amid the rebar, stone base, and forms, detailing where the washer-extractor foundations would be poured…where the tumblers would be…the front desk…and the sliding doors to make it easy for customers to get in and out with their laundry baskets. Those were just the details of the laundry business to come. Listening to Aaron paint the picture of the WashRoom Laundromat it was clear that the business wasn’t going to sit on the concrete that would be poured days later. No, Aaron’s words illustrated that the foundation would be built on family. This community deserved a better laundromat experience – one that treated customers like family.

The Washroom makes an incredible first impression when customers walk in.



But the touchscreen controls are more than just pretty to look at. The real-word cycle descriptions are delivering for the owners, with more customers selecting cycle modifiers – roughly 10 to 11 percent of the time. He also loves having the anti- wrinkle and reversing cycle modifiers on the dry side. And the convenience that Speed Queen Insights brings to the busy family’s life has definitely lived up to the hype, as he estimates he’s been able to manage through 90 percent of any customer issues from offsite.

both 80- and 100-pound washer- extractors for the first Fort Smith

location. Brad leveraged experience in suggesting the 80s would only cannibalize the 100s and it would make more sense to go with more 100s versus offering both capacities.

“I consider him a friend,” Aaron said of the great relationship he has with Brad.

Giving Back As you might expect from a family-run business truly committed to customers, giving back to the community is part of the WashRoom’s identity. The owners work with the local United Way to provide free laundry services for five families each month. Again, technology makes it easy. By leveraging the Speed Queen App, nobody in the store knows who the needy families are. Aaron sees every day how a business that treats those in the community like family, while helping those in need through laundry services makes a difference. He recounts the story of one student in the area who took their clothes to a car wash, because they didn’t have access to laundry equipment. So while some might say a laundromat can’t make a difference in the community and that “it’s just laundry,” Aaron knows, “it’s way more.”

“Daily and weekly, I know exactly what’s going on in the stores,” Aaron said.

Like Family Treating customers like family by giving them a clean, safe environment with pleasant, attentive staff, and partnering with family aren’t the only components to this story. The service he’s received from distribution representative Brad Harris from Laundry Solutions Company in Springfield, Mo. has been amazing. “He’s been invaluable. He’s always checking in,” Aaron said. “I can call him anytime and he always picks up.” In addition, having a representative who also owns a laundromat himself to bounce ideas off of has been beneficial. Like when Aaron was considering adding

A Team Effort While the phrase “treating customers like family” seems like a marketing cliché, you need only spend a bit of time with Aaron and his wife, Felicia, to learn, that while they may not use the phrase, their approach to business is based on it.

the family part of the business grew to make that happen.

“Three years in and we still hear customers say, ‘thank you for building this.’”

“It gets in your blood quickly,” Aaron said, adding that his dad’s approaching retirement made the timing even better. So, the couple took him on as a partner in store number two. “I couldn’t have done it without him.” This family business isn’t done yet. A third location is planned for Fort Smith, and, of course, they are raising the bar one more time with an 8,200-square-foot facility.

That’s why, in just a couple years, their 10-year expansion plans got fast tracked.

Aaron Helms - Owner of The WashRoom

“Support for the first store was great and it did so well,” Aaron said of how the laundromat took off almost immediately. Even today, they still hear comments from customers. “Three years in and we still hear customers say, ‘thank you for building this,’” Aaron said. So, little more than a year in, they pooled their learnings and added a second store in neighboring Fort Smith. Among the lessons they learned, bigger is better in terms of store size and capacity. Store number two came in at about 6,600 square feet of retail space (compared to 3,000 for the Van Buren store). Oh, and

Technology Makes A Difference

From the beginning, Aaron had made the decision that the WashRoom would leverage the latest in technology. Touchscreen controls, and the Speed Queen App would give the store that “wow factor” while Speed Queen Insights would streamline management. “Once you go Quantum Touch, there’s no need to do anything else,” Aaron said. “It looks amazing.”




Equipment Options Help Make More Locations Viable for Laundromats As new investors come to the industry and current owners seek to expand to multiple locations, the laundromat business is growing. That growth undoubtedly comes with pressure to find quality sites that offer access to a market rooted in strong demographics. As the old, played line goes, success is all about location, location, location. But what happens when you’ve found a great market, but the perfect location that checks all the boxes is a bit more elusive? You gotta have options, options, options. Thankfully, there are key equipment choices to make most locations work. A Basement? No Problem Years ago, a building with a basement brought only two alternatives – tear it down or eliminate it as a possibility. Today, softmount washer-extractors have become quite affordable, making these previously discounted locations viable. Softmount washer-extractors can be installed on a variety of surfaces and don’t require reinforced concrete foundations. In the past, owners might have had to concede a bit in controls. But that, too, has changed. Speed Queen softmounts come with the same advanced, Quantum Touch control as the larger volume production hardmount units. Short on Space? Stack It What about that smaller footprint location? Again, it might check many of the boxes – major metro area, loads of traffic, great renter population, but a small square footage figure may make it a stretch. While smaller stack washer/dryers that put two machines in the space of one could be an option in years past, lack of capacity variety and thus, profit potential might have had many investors looking elsewhere.

varieties can be significant profit producers, delivering excellent return on investment. Speed Queen’s stacked washer-extractor/ tumble dryers also are equipped with the Quantum Touch. So, again, you reap the benefits of highly profitable premium control options, programming ease, and a better customer experience with a touchscreen control, all with two machines in the space of one. They also are customer friendly, eliminating the need to push a cart of wet laundry across the store for a dryer pocket – the pocket is conveniently stacked above the washer-extractor. Keep an Open Mind Equipment flexibility truly is the operative term as owners and investors look for locations. As demographics of areas shift and new markets emerge, owners may be forced to look at available business space creatively. Being acquainted with the variety of equipment options to make sites work will help owners and new investors quickly determine which ones could work for their needs.

Matching equipment to the location

LEARN MORE Visit or contact your local Speed Queen distributor.

The advent of truly commercial multi-load washer-extractor/ tumble dryers has changed that. Stack units of 30- and 50-pound





their gazes above…take in that blanket of stars…their sparkles made even more brilliant through the amplification of their night vision gear. That moment mattered then and still does to this day. Bryan approaches each day as a gift. He tackles it with the same discipline and pride that made him a good Marine, paired with a sense of purpose that life is more than what we have…it’s about who we are and who we serve.

It was a clear night in North Carolina several years ago – one of those nights when stars layout like a speckled blanket across the dark sky. Bryan Donegan, however, was focused on the mission at hand, not the stars. His Marine unit was on a training operation in the field and those moments require equal parts discipline and concentration. Just then, his sergeant made a suggestion that stuck with Bryan. He proposed that the Marines fix

Bryan Donegan’s 24 Fitness offers members a state-of-the-art workout facility.

A Vacancy Challenge Upon returning home to the Evans Mills, NY area following his time in the Marine Corps, he set to work managing his commercial retail real estate business and being a great dad to his two sons. Then, in 2020, he received word that a major tenant…and a major source of rental income would not be renewing their lease. Filling more than 9,100 square feet of retail space presented a significant challenge. Bryan, however, is one of those rare individuals able to gain perspective

in trying times. Where others focus on the challenge, he’s able to look up at the stars, regroup, and see the opportunity right in front of him. And this location had plenty of opportunity – located literally outside the gate of Fort Drum, home to the legendary 10th Mountain Division. Bryan thought back to his days in the Marine Corps and the types of businesses he saw in the communities outside of bases.


24 Fitness and Laundry 24 offer area residents, soldiers and their families the ultimate multi-tasking opportunity.

Bryan’s businesses may be among the cleanest you’ll ever see.

Reinvention and Peace Living each day as a gift is truly a way of life for Bryan. Friends and family describe him as a risk-taker, making every minute count. But it’s more than that. He puts his heart into literally everything he does. Before business duties took priority, he was a volunteer firefighter, EMT, and rescue diver. Bryan is continuing to reinvent and go next level by training to expand his dive certifications and become a licensed solo skydiver. For this guy, there’s doing something…and then pushing to do it better, learn more, and give more. So, once he decided to reinvent that sizeable space and open a combination laundromat and fitness club, he found perspective in the opportunity to create something amazing – two businesses run on a level that transcended expectations. He’d spare no expense and, perhaps more importantly, run them in a way that made every customer feel valued and cared for. “There’s a lot of synergies between the two businesses,” Bryan said. “People from all over the world tell me they’ve never seen anything like it.” One would be hard pressed to find a cleaner laundromat or fitness club. And while that might seem like hyperbole, you need only look at the gleaming Speed Queen equipment for evidence. Keeping stainless steel looking good takes a special owner and employees…keeping it devoid of even a stray fingerprint, is next- level attention to detail. That’s what you get with a United States Marine running businesses catering to other military personnel.

Balance The world moves fast. Few of us take the time to look up at and enjoy those moments of peace that a beautiful starry night present. While LED lighting isn’t exactly a starry night, it’s still pretty easy to see a scene of peace play out. This is where Bryan strikes a balance. While his boys, Maximus, and Alexander, have free reign of both spaces on their scooters, Bryan tends to tasks around the businesses. Both dad and the boys clearly enjoy this time together. But there’s much more going on. On the laundry side, Alexander and Maximus have their own business – a quarter-a-ride kids amusement ride horse, painted in the color scheme of the 10th Mountain’s old Calvary unit. This is where the boys learn the details that come with running a business. It isn’t about getting the keys and reaping the quarter

rewards. They learn that businesses, including a horse ride, have overhead in the form of utilities. So, dad gets paid first. In the glow of the LED lights as his boys clean the horse and distribute quarters, Bryan’s pride of his little entrepreneurs shines bright. A little later in the day, as he chats all things laundry, he notes the scooter traffic has stopped and then sees why. The boys are utilizing the artificial turf in the gym to do sit-ups and other exercises. Make no mistake, this isn’t a 7- and 8-year-old playing, this is two boys doing an actual workout. Fatherly pride shines again against the soundtrack of booming bass on the gym’s speakers. While it’s a beautiful thing to see dad sharing all this with his sons, it’s also a fitting example of Bryan’s idea of the combo business, or as he calls it, “my third and fourth kids.”

“There’s a lot of synergies between the two businesses,” Bryan said. “People from all over the world tell me they’ve never seen anything like it.”

Bryan Donegan - Owner of Laundry24 and 24 Fitness


Cleanliness and exemplary customer service are just two of the many reasons Bryan’s laundry/gym are becoming a popular destination for customers in the area.

Membership at 24 Fitness continues to increase. Bryan offers memberships that include both businesses.

It’s About Time We are all trying to cram as much into our days as possible. So, much like sharing time with kids and his business, Bryan saw the pairing of a fitness center and laundromat as a perfect multi-tasking one-two punch. “It gives some people the excuse to go to the gym,” he said of offering customers the ability to get a workout in between wash and dry cycles. Of course, much like other aspects of his life, Bryan isn’t content to bring something new to the market…he took convenience to the next level. This is where his outside- the-box thinking and cross-marketing prowess shine. Laundry24 and 24 Fitness offer a VIP membership option where customers get monthly 24-hour gym access, a T-shirt and laundry bag that they can bring in every day (if they so choose) for wash-dry-fold service. “It saves time and money, but also is more efficient,” Bryan said, adding that the cross-marketing offering is gaining popularity.

Speed Queen Makes it Possible Laundry24 features a range of Speed Queen Quantum Touch- controlled equipment, including six 80-, six 60-, seven 40-, eight 30- and eight 20-pound washer-extractors, along with a variety of large-capacity single tumblers and 45-pound stacks. While Bryan looked at other brands, Speed Queen technology and the Quantum Touch control were the game-changers he was looking for to set the laundry apart and make it future-proof. “What I couldn’t wrap my mind around was why would I put old- looking and operating equipment in,” he said of the dated options other brands offered. “I’d rather be ahead of the game than behind it.” The Speed Queen app and app payment brought the next- level angle Bryan is constantly reaching for…and it’s delivered. App payment started at about 30 percent and has now grown to 45 to 50 percent regularly. And he takes every opportunity to market that convenience, including the sign on the change machine advertising a cashless option.

With a year under his belt, Bryan is a believer in the technology and access to store operations that Speed Queen Insights delivers to him. “I couldn’t imagine owning a laundromat without access to these statistics and data,” he said, adding that when customer issues arise, being able to address them in real time from afar is not just convenient, but helps him deliver the best customer experience in the area. Since opening in May of 2021, the laundry is already ahead of projections, and Bryan credits much of that success to the Fort Drum connection. His Speed Queen equipment gives military personnel the best option for getting their BDUs clean after being in the field. Smaller homestyle units found on base just can’t match the results at Laundry24.

“It gives some people the excuse to go to the gym.”

Bryan Donegan - Owner of Laundry24 and 24 Fitness



Bryan is loving the laundromat business and has thoughts on expanding this concept to multiple locations.

Looking at the Future Located on a wall near the front counter at Laundry24 is a collection of artworks. They are original oils painted by Bryan. There’s depth, emotion, and seriousness to the works. Though Bryan jokes that he’s not sure of the source of the creative energy revealed on the canvases, the sense of pride, however, is evident. He’s started painting since launching the businesses and loves it.

He is confident that the Speed Queen technology will be a driving force toward taking this combination business even farther outside Evans Mills. “I think this concept deserves to grow quicker,” he said, adding that he’s already beginning to look at possible locations and believes the technology would enable him to effectively manage five stores perhaps even expanding into the Syracuse market. Bryan is making the most of every day and the future he sees…it’s so bright that it doesn’t need night vision to amplify the light. Best of all, he gets to share it with two little boys who think he’s the greatest dad ever.

“It’s continuously impacted my life in a good way.”

“It’s made an impact,” he says of the laundromat. “It’s continuously impacted my life in a good way.”

Bryan Donegan - Owner of Laundry24 and 24 Fitness

This area is home to Bryan. He’s excited about not the just the future of his business concept, but the ability to drive it, while not sacrificing time with Maximus and Alexander.

“I have the ability to schedule work to maximize time with [my sons],” he said. “I get to be there for my kids.”


The Basics Growing through acquisition comes with major benefits – you’re getting a built-in customer base with a store that is generating revenue versus buying a closed laundry or building a new one with no customer base. Another advantage is that because the existing location is a laundromat, the infrastructure is already there and upgrades (i.e. plumbing and electrical) are less expensive than starting with a vanilla shell. Obviously, as you look at existing laundromats to acquire, you’ll want to consider equipment condition, age, and the technology capabilities of the machines – will this be an immediate retool or is the store utilizing fairly updated models? Survey the overall condition of the facility – is it dated and just in need of TLC or are there major improvements needed to make the laundry attractive to new customers? Don’t forget the obvious question – why is the owner selling? Is this a case of a longtime owner looking to retire or are there a ton of issues (including declining revenue) at play? Did a new store open in close proximity and take business? Bottom line: know the market. What’s the Value? Value can be a contentious process as buyers and sellers arrive at a measure that makes sense. A multiple of gross revenues can seem an easy figure to work from, but it doesn’t factor in expenses. The more common approach in determining the value of a store is multiples of yearly EBITDA. Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) is a measurement of cash flow. It takes all revenues and subtracts the majority of expenses. Owners typically take the yearly EBITDA and multiply it between three and six to value the location. A variety of factors will drive what multiple is used (i.e. age of equipment, condition of store, demographics, lease term).

Don’t forget to look at the current lease for the store – obviously, the longer the base term the better. And having options to extend the term is optimal. A change of ownership (or possibility of one) offers a precipitating event to chat with the landlord and negotiate new terms. Finance Thoughts Getting prequalified is a great way to show a seller you are ready to move. If they are looking to sell and entertaining multiple offers, just like in the home-buying world, an offer from a prequalified buyer is going to rise to the top. Consider if a retool makes sense. For instance, with some Speed Queen financing programs, rolling an equipment retool into the acquisition note will bring a lower interest rate and lower required downpayment on the purchase of the laundry. Because of a lower down payment, you’ll have additional cash to make improvements to the location. Speed Queen’s acquisition retool program will enable you to finance up to 80 percent of the acquisition and retool, versus 65 to 70 percent for just an acquisition. In addition, with a combined acquisition/retool, you benefit from a longer term, which lowers monthly payments. Final Thoughts Growing your business through acquisition can be a cost- effective means of expansion in your market. The key is arriving at a price point that makes sense for both parties, and from there, doing the due diligence work, and leveraging financing that reduces upfront expenses, while lowering monthly payments.

Uncertain economic times always seem to bring additional interest in our industry. Volatile markets and businesses that struggle during economic downturns are solid catalysts for the exploration of laundromats as safe havens. What that can mean is greater competition for new locations, which can slow owners’ expansion plans. This is where growing by “acquisition”, acquiring existing opened and operating laundries, can be the best course of action. In addition, some financing programs for such growth can further speed up the process and be more cost effective than you’d think. Growing Through Acquisition

To learn more about acquisition financing through Speed Queen, visit here or contact your local Speed Queen distributor.



Game-Changing Experience This duo was intent on making their laundromat truly different. So, the fact that offering customers an experience like no other in the market equates to amazing bottom-line numbers, shouldn’t come as a surprise. “Brad and I are all about customer service,” Max said. That focus starts the second you walk in the door – clean is just the beginning, this laundry brings a fresh smell that customers appreciate.

Each day, the laundromat business brings pretty predictable outcomes. Self-service customers come in with dirty laundry and leave with fresh, clean items – effectively and efficiently washed and dried. Wash-dry-fold clients get a premium experience… including the completion of that dreaded task of folding. Owners see that flow play out in real time on their smartphones and computers, translating the everyday scenes above into numbers, turns per day, cycle modifier percentages, effectiveness of time-of-day pricing.

“We’re able to fix problems immediately,” Max said of the customer-service benefits of remote monitoring and access to operations. “Just the ability to solve problems from home,” he added of the huge time savings value Speed Queen Insights offers versus needing to drive to the store, should there be an equipment or customer issue that needs attention. They also opted for clean machine fronts – no bulky, bolt-on card readers or coin drops here, which means no coin jams or payment snafus.

“We hear a lot that it smells clean in here…that it doesn’t smell like a laundromat,” Max said.

“This system allows us to get past all of that,” Max said of the Speed Queen mobile app and payment center.

The game-changing recipe for success obviously included far more than a dash of technology. Speed Queen’s Quantum Touch control is helping wow customers with an intuitive touchscreen that takes the user experience next level. But they drove things further in their spacious 3,750-square-foot laundry, adding Speed Queen Insights. While it’s easy to look at the system as more of an owner’s management tool, the pair saw that and much more.

And then there’s Brax Laundry in Oregon City, Ore.

“We’re able to fix problems immediately.”

Brad and Max (thus, the name Brax Laundry) Sabo opened the Portland area’s premier laundromat a few months ago and nothing has been as predicted. However, when you blow your projections out of the water pretty much since day one, unpredictable is just fine for these owners.

Max - Co-owner of Brax Laundry



And lest you think it’s too soon for our industry to be app driven…that customers of varying ages and backgrounds will be turned off by app-based payment, Brax, again, is presenting amazing numbers. Since opening, Brax is regularly at 90 percent app adoption. “I wasnt sure how people would react to the app,” Max said, adding that its ease of use – from downloading to its usage - has been even more exciting. “People who don’t speak English download it and use it every time,” he said. To encourage app adoption, Brax adds the first $20 on new accounts. A Long Time Coming It’s an understatement to say that Brax Laundry’s opening in 2022 was a long process. Three and a half years long, to be exact. Brad and Max had a plan, and it included an escape from the corporate world and owning their own business. In 2018, they decided the vended laundry business was just the venture to check all the business ownership boxes. That was the easy part. The hard part was finding a location. That search dragged on for the better part of a year. At last, they found one and over the next 15 months did much of the construction work themselves, even building their own bulkheads, which are creatively topped with artificial grass. However, when it came to the equipment, they went with a leader and were glad they did. Portland-based Speed Queen distributor, Coin Meter Company, delivered for them, and their read of the company was solid from the start. “They weren’t in it just to sell equipment,” Max said of feeling like they had a true partner invested in their success, unlike other firms they met with. The fact that they were also a full- service distributor made a huge difference as well.

Brad and Max were amazed by how easy it was to create a special cycle and add it to all washers in the store.

Offering More With COVID-19 continuing to be top of mind for many, and most customers short on time, Brax Laundry took its offerings to the next level. First, in addressing the time savings element and the fact that the pandemic has created more laundry than normal, the owners worked with their distributor to add extra capacity. With four 80-pound capacity washer-extractors and two 100-pound capacity units, Brax is besting almost all competitors in the market. “They are spinning all the time,” Max said, adding that customers are consistently wowed by the capacity the laundromat has, which greets them immediately upon entering. Brad and Max also took full advantage of the cycle programming ease (and profit generating potential) of Quantum Touch. To address the increased interest in a higher level clean that the pandemic has brought, the duo added a “Brax Premium” cycle

“They are spinning all the time.” Max - Co-owner of Brax Laundry

for customers seeking greater peace of mind. The cycle offers a longer wash as well as a pre-wash step and extra rinse.

“It took all of three minutes to add that to all of the machines,” Max joked of the ease and speed of programming the washer- extractors. “That was actually really impressive.” And while many owners might be content to offer just a premium cycle and a few cycle modifiers, not Brad and Max. When they say next level, they mean it. Brax is leveraging the power of ozone injection for superior cleaning results in cold water. They even offer it for free. The fresh ozone smell has been a nice byproduct that’s been noted by customers (remember the “it doesn’t smell like a laundromat” comment above?)

Ore City, OR-based Brax Laundry has seen app adoption well into the 90% level.




Brad and Max were amazed by how easy it was to create a special cycle and add it to all washers in the store.

More Than a Business Brad and Max are every bit proud business owners. They love chatting about the process to opening. How opening day was the culmination of so much work, and how pleased they are to receive great feedback from customers. But they are just as quick to point out that the business is an equally great opportunity to give back.

“We didn’t want to own a business just to make money... we want to make a difference in the community..”

As a premier brand of Alliance Laundry Systems, Speed Queen benefits in a number of areas by its affiliation with the world leader in commercial laundry equipment. However, beyond the vast benefits of research and development, world-class lab facilities, and value-added services, Speed Queen customers can be proud they are working with a company with exceptional values. Those values are evident in the activities detailed in Alliance’s second Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) report. The 22-page document issues updates on the company’s continued efforts to make the world cleaner as the premier provider of laundry solutions.

Among the highlights of the document include: 1. Creation of the Alliance Laundry Cares organization to streamline its philanthropic efforts 2. How the efficiency of its equipment has helped customers post exceptional savings, while increasing productivity 3. Solar panels installed at the company’s Thailand plant are delivering 36 percent of the facility’s electricity needs 4. Speed Queen Residential’s partnership with Best Friends Animal Society is making a difference in saving animals’ lives.

“We didn’t want to own a business just to make money…we want to make a difference in the community,” Max said.

Max - Co-owner of Brax Laundry

That’s why they partnered with LoveOne Community, a non-profit community-based organization committed to serving Clackamas County, Oregon neighbors in need on a regular basis providing clean laundry, showers, meals, personal care resources, and community connections. Recently, Brax hosted a free laundry event, where those in need also had access to food and showers. They also hosted several more similar events in their first year. They know that clean clothes are essential for life.

results, and looks forward to expanding to a second location in the near future. While it took a bit longer to than normal to get to the opening of this first location, it was definitely worth the wait. Max even said the multi-year process taught him great patience.

“It was a great experience for me…it brought new peace my life.”

We can only assume that store number two will bring the same excellent results…obviously with less time to startup.

The pair has been excited by the difference their business has made in the community, as well as the tremendous bottom-line

LEARN MORE Download a copy of Alliance Laundry System’s report about on-going efforts.



221 Shepard Street Ripon, WI 54971, USA

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We make the world cleaner as the premier provider of laundry solutions. We deliver leading performance through our exceptional employees, unmatched quality and our commitment to innovation.

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