Laundromat Insights Issue 2


Brad and Max were amazed by how easy it was to create a special cycle and add it to all washers in the store.

More Than a Business Brad and Max are every bit proud business owners. They love chatting about the process to opening. How opening day was the culmination of so much work, and how pleased they are to receive great feedback from customers. But they are just as quick to point out that the business is an equally great opportunity to give back.

“We didn’t want to own a business just to make money... we want to make a difference in the community..”

As a premier brand of Alliance Laundry Systems, Speed Queen benefits in a number of areas by its affiliation with the world leader in commercial laundry equipment. However, beyond the vast benefits of research and development, world-class lab facilities, and value-added services, Speed Queen customers can be proud they are working with a company with exceptional values. Those values are evident in the activities detailed in Alliance’s second Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) report. The 22-page document issues updates on the company’s continued efforts to make the world cleaner as the premier provider of laundry solutions.

Among the highlights of the document include: 1. Creation of the Alliance Laundry Cares organization to streamline its philanthropic efforts 2. How the efficiency of its equipment has helped customers post exceptional savings, while increasing productivity 3. Solar panels installed at the company’s Thailand plant are delivering 36 percent of the facility’s electricity needs 4. Speed Queen Residential’s partnership with Best Friends Animal Society is making a difference in saving animals’ lives.

“We didn’t want to own a business just to make money…we want to make a difference in the community,” Max said.

Max - Co-owner of Brax Laundry

That’s why they partnered with LoveOne Community, a non-profit community-based organization committed to serving Clackamas County, Oregon neighbors in need on a regular basis providing clean laundry, showers, meals, personal care resources, and community connections. Recently, Brax hosted a free laundry event, where those in need also had access to food and showers. They also hosted several more similar events in their first year. They know that clean clothes are essential for life.

results, and looks forward to expanding to a second location in the near future. While it took a bit longer to than normal to get to the opening of this first location, it was definitely worth the wait. Max even said the multi-year process taught him great patience.

“It was a great experience for me…it brought new peace my life.”

We can only assume that store number two will bring the same excellent results…obviously with less time to startup.

The pair has been excited by the difference their business has made in the community, as well as the tremendous bottom-line

LEARN MORE Download a copy of Alliance Laundry System’s report about on-going efforts.



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