Laundromat Insights Issue 2

LIKE FAMILY The WashRoom is

Making a Difference in Two Communities

It was a damp April afternoon in Van Buren, Ark. and Aaron Helms stood atop a hill in a stiff wind detailing things to come. He walked the site amid the rebar, stone base, and forms, detailing where the washer-extractor foundations would be poured…where the tumblers would be…the front desk…and the sliding doors to make it easy for customers to get in and out with their laundry baskets. Those were just the details of the laundry business to come. Listening to Aaron paint the picture of the WashRoom Laundromat it was clear that the business wasn’t going to sit on the concrete that would be poured days later. No, Aaron’s words illustrated that the foundation would be built on family. This community deserved a better laundromat experience – one that treated customers like family.

The Washroom makes an incredible first impression when customers walk in.



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