Laundromat Insights Issue 2


Equipment Options Help Make More Locations Viable for Laundromats As new investors come to the industry and current owners seek to expand to multiple locations, the laundromat business is growing. That growth undoubtedly comes with pressure to find quality sites that offer access to a market rooted in strong demographics. As the old, played line goes, success is all about location, location, location. But what happens when you’ve found a great market, but the perfect location that checks all the boxes is a bit more elusive? You gotta have options, options, options. Thankfully, there are key equipment choices to make most locations work. A Basement? No Problem Years ago, a building with a basement brought only two alternatives – tear it down or eliminate it as a possibility. Today, softmount washer-extractors have become quite affordable, making these previously discounted locations viable. Softmount washer-extractors can be installed on a variety of surfaces and don’t require reinforced concrete foundations. In the past, owners might have had to concede a bit in controls. But that, too, has changed. Speed Queen softmounts come with the same advanced, Quantum Touch control as the larger volume production hardmount units. Short on Space? Stack It What about that smaller footprint location? Again, it might check many of the boxes – major metro area, loads of traffic, great renter population, but a small square footage figure may make it a stretch. While smaller stack washer/dryers that put two machines in the space of one could be an option in years past, lack of capacity variety and thus, profit potential might have had many investors looking elsewhere.

varieties can be significant profit producers, delivering excellent return on investment. Speed Queen’s stacked washer-extractor/ tumble dryers also are equipped with the Quantum Touch. So, again, you reap the benefits of highly profitable premium control options, programming ease, and a better customer experience with a touchscreen control, all with two machines in the space of one. They also are customer friendly, eliminating the need to push a cart of wet laundry across the store for a dryer pocket – the pocket is conveniently stacked above the washer-extractor. Keep an Open Mind Equipment flexibility truly is the operative term as owners and investors look for locations. As demographics of areas shift and new markets emerge, owners may be forced to look at available business space creatively. Being acquainted with the variety of equipment options to make sites work will help owners and new investors quickly determine which ones could work for their needs.

Matching equipment to the location

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The advent of truly commercial multi-load washer-extractor/ tumble dryers has changed that. Stack units of 30- and 50-pound



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