Laundromat Insights Issue 2

Cleanliness and exemplary customer service are just two of the many reasons Bryan’s laundry/gym are becoming a popular destination for customers in the area.

Membership at 24 Fitness continues to increase. Bryan offers memberships that include both businesses.

It’s About Time We are all trying to cram as much into our days as possible. So, much like sharing time with kids and his business, Bryan saw the pairing of a fitness center and laundromat as a perfect multi-tasking one-two punch. “It gives some people the excuse to go to the gym,” he said of offering customers the ability to get a workout in between wash and dry cycles. Of course, much like other aspects of his life, Bryan isn’t content to bring something new to the market…he took convenience to the next level. This is where his outside- the-box thinking and cross-marketing prowess shine. Laundry24 and 24 Fitness offer a VIP membership option where customers get monthly 24-hour gym access, a T-shirt and laundry bag that they can bring in every day (if they so choose) for wash-dry-fold service. “It saves time and money, but also is more efficient,” Bryan said, adding that the cross-marketing offering is gaining popularity.

Speed Queen Makes it Possible Laundry24 features a range of Speed Queen Quantum Touch- controlled equipment, including six 80-, six 60-, seven 40-, eight 30- and eight 20-pound washer-extractors, along with a variety of large-capacity single tumblers and 45-pound stacks. While Bryan looked at other brands, Speed Queen technology and the Quantum Touch control were the game-changers he was looking for to set the laundry apart and make it future-proof. “What I couldn’t wrap my mind around was why would I put old- looking and operating equipment in,” he said of the dated options other brands offered. “I’d rather be ahead of the game than behind it.” The Speed Queen app and app payment brought the next- level angle Bryan is constantly reaching for…and it’s delivered. App payment started at about 30 percent and has now grown to 45 to 50 percent regularly. And he takes every opportunity to market that convenience, including the sign on the change machine advertising a cashless option.

With a year under his belt, Bryan is a believer in the technology and access to store operations that Speed Queen Insights delivers to him. “I couldn’t imagine owning a laundromat without access to these statistics and data,” he said, adding that when customer issues arise, being able to address them in real time from afar is not just convenient, but helps him deliver the best customer experience in the area. Since opening in May of 2021, the laundry is already ahead of projections, and Bryan credits much of that success to the Fort Drum connection. His Speed Queen equipment gives military personnel the best option for getting their BDUs clean after being in the field. Smaller homestyle units found on base just can’t match the results at Laundry24.

“It gives some people the excuse to go to the gym.”

Bryan Donegan - Owner of Laundry24 and 24 Fitness



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