Laundromat Insights Issue 2

24 Fitness and Laundry 24 offer area residents, soldiers and their families the ultimate multi-tasking opportunity.

Bryan’s businesses may be among the cleanest you’ll ever see.

Reinvention and Peace Living each day as a gift is truly a way of life for Bryan. Friends and family describe him as a risk-taker, making every minute count. But it’s more than that. He puts his heart into literally everything he does. Before business duties took priority, he was a volunteer firefighter, EMT, and rescue diver. Bryan is continuing to reinvent and go next level by training to expand his dive certifications and become a licensed solo skydiver. For this guy, there’s doing something…and then pushing to do it better, learn more, and give more. So, once he decided to reinvent that sizeable space and open a combination laundromat and fitness club, he found perspective in the opportunity to create something amazing – two businesses run on a level that transcended expectations. He’d spare no expense and, perhaps more importantly, run them in a way that made every customer feel valued and cared for. “There’s a lot of synergies between the two businesses,” Bryan said. “People from all over the world tell me they’ve never seen anything like it.” One would be hard pressed to find a cleaner laundromat or fitness club. And while that might seem like hyperbole, you need only look at the gleaming Speed Queen equipment for evidence. Keeping stainless steel looking good takes a special owner and employees…keeping it devoid of even a stray fingerprint, is next- level attention to detail. That’s what you get with a United States Marine running businesses catering to other military personnel.

Balance The world moves fast. Few of us take the time to look up at and enjoy those moments of peace that a beautiful starry night present. While LED lighting isn’t exactly a starry night, it’s still pretty easy to see a scene of peace play out. This is where Bryan strikes a balance. While his boys, Maximus, and Alexander, have free reign of both spaces on their scooters, Bryan tends to tasks around the businesses. Both dad and the boys clearly enjoy this time together. But there’s much more going on. On the laundry side, Alexander and Maximus have their own business – a quarter-a-ride kids amusement ride horse, painted in the color scheme of the 10th Mountain’s old Calvary unit. This is where the boys learn the details that come with running a business. It isn’t about getting the keys and reaping the quarter

rewards. They learn that businesses, including a horse ride, have overhead in the form of utilities. So, dad gets paid first. In the glow of the LED lights as his boys clean the horse and distribute quarters, Bryan’s pride of his little entrepreneurs shines bright. A little later in the day, as he chats all things laundry, he notes the scooter traffic has stopped and then sees why. The boys are utilizing the artificial turf in the gym to do sit-ups and other exercises. Make no mistake, this isn’t a 7- and 8-year-old playing, this is two boys doing an actual workout. Fatherly pride shines again against the soundtrack of booming bass on the gym’s speakers. While it’s a beautiful thing to see dad sharing all this with his sons, it’s also a fitting example of Bryan’s idea of the combo business, or as he calls it, “my third and fourth kids.”

“There’s a lot of synergies between the two businesses,” Bryan said. “People from all over the world tell me they’ve never seen anything like it.”

Bryan Donegan - Owner of Laundry24 and 24 Fitness


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