Nilkamal Vertical Order Picker



1500 600 206 1236 3870

Q (kg) C (mm) X (mm) Y (mm)

Rated load Center distance of the load Load distance center drive axle to fork Wheel base

kg kg kg

Service weight(with battery) Axle load, laden front/rear Axle load, unladen front/rear

4320/1360 1960/2220 Φ310×125

(mm) (mm) (mm)

Tyres size front Tyres size rear Additional wheel (dimensions) Wheels, number front rear(x=driven wheels) Thread,rear Height,mast lowered lifting height Height,mast extended Stand height height lowered overall length length to face of forks overall width fork dimentions distance between fork arms Height of overhead guard Ground clearance below chassis ground clearance axle distance center Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 crossways Turning radius Travel speed,laden/unladen Lift speed,laden/unladen Lowering speed,laden/unladen Gradeability,laden/unladen Service brake Drive motor rating Lift motor rating Battery voltage,nominal capacity Battery weight Battery dimensions l/w/h Sound level at the driver's ear DIN 12053

Φ128x73 Φ150x47 1x+2/4 1236

b11(mm) h1mm) h3(mm) h4(mm) h7(mm) h13(mm)

2410/3080/3750 5000/7000/9000 7230/9230/11230 230 80

3200 1975 1100/1352 45/100/1220 530/715 2290

I1(mm) I2(mm) b1/b2(mm) s/e/I(mm)

b5(mm) h6(mm) m1(mm) m2(mm) Ast(mm) Ast(mm) Wa(mm) Km/h

76 51

1400 1400 1800 7.7/8

0--0.15/0--0.30 0--0.28/0--0.30 5/10 EM brake 4.5 (AC) 4.5 24/1100(770) 850 (610) 982x397x760(561) 70

m/s m/s %

kW kW V/Ah kg mm dB(A)

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