2021_Aquatic Leadership Course FINAL

Checking Current Qualifications and Awards

Misplaced your certification card or not sure of your current qualifications or awards? 1. To check and print out your certifications, please visit www.lifesavingsociety.com 2. Click on “Find a Member” on the right navigation bar. 3. Fill in your membership number 4. Uncheck “Current Only” box and click on “View Record”. You can find your membership number on the bottom of any certification card from the Lifesaving Society.


As Canada’s Lifeguarding Experts, we set the standards for water safety in Canada. We work to prevent drowning and water-related injury through our training programs, Water Smart public education, water incident rescuer, aquatic safety management, and lifesaving sport. We are a national, volunteer organization and registered charity composed of 10 provincial/ territorial branches, tens of thousands of individual members, and over 4,000 affiliated swimming pools, waterfronts, schools and clubs.

We are a leader and partner in the delivery of water safety education throughout Canada and around the world. The Society operates globally in over 25 countries. We represent Canada internationally in the Commonwealth Royal Life Saving Society and we are Canada’s Full Member in the International Life Saving Federation. The World Health Organization recognizes ILS as the world authority in the global effort to prevent drowning. The Lifesaving Society takes lead responsibility for drowning prevention in Canada.

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