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T his past November, I had a revelation about my health. Even as a medical professional, I’m not immune to the tendency to put my health on the back burner, and like most of the medical community, it’s difficult for me to notice my own poor health when I’m so focused on helping my patients. However, I had begun to feel more lethargic, and regular activities were leaving me tired and breathless. It had been a few years since I’d adhered to a regular fitness routine, but I knew I had to start as soon as possible. Despite the holiday season looming on the calendar, I jumped into a fitness routine. It may seem like strange timing, but if I figured that if I could devote myself to a workout routine and healthful choices during a time of great temptation, then I could succeed during the rest of the calendar year. Besides, the holidays are only a handful of days throughout the year; I could indulge one day and return to focusing on my well-being the next. I joined a program at the local gym, Synergy Massage & Fitness, and I now spend about a half hour to 45 minutes a few times per week focusing on my strength and core integrity by doing a combination of yoga, core training, and flexibility movements. It gives me a nice, short check-in with myself, and it’s focused on my needs and goals. Within a few weeks of starting this regimen, I began to notice a difference. I was more agile, and my balance was being restored. My energy was heightened, but the best part of my improvement wasn’t immediately visible. Over time, I began feeling better because of the work I was putting into my body — and that’s a feeling I want to extend to my patients.

Starting this January, we are partnering with Synergy to offer our patients classes and programs that are geared toward their needs and fitness goals. We know that recovering from an injury or learning to live with better spinal health is an adjustment (chiropractic pun intended), but we also know your commitment to a healthy back translates to a desire for an overall healthier body. This partnership has been in the works since this fall, and we’re excited to see the results and watch our patients accomplish their goals. In 2019, we’re also looking to extend our health and wellness offerings to include nutritional assistance. We’re in the process of completing our research and development on how this will fit with our patients, but we know it’s the best way we can help them continue to advance. As I’ve been learning through my time at Synergy, the key to achieving your personal goals is to take each step as it comes. You have to start slow and build up to your goals, setting micro-goals along the way. Our society has recently placed a lot of focus on the quick fix. Consumers crave instant results for the products they buy, and companies are molding their strategies around this idea. Unfortunately, your health isn’t the same. Just how years of torment or unhealthy choices may have led you to where you are today, an improvement in overall health is a slow, careful shift in your focus. And it all starts with the first step. -Dr. Chris Colby


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