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THE CONNECTION BETWEEN JAW AND NECK PAIN AND HEADACHES FEEL YOUNGER. MOVE BETTER. GET STRONGER Headaches come on at the most inconvenient times and are never welcome. A migraine or even a tension headache can ruin your day — headaches don’t care how important the work ahead of you is. When they start, they are hard to stop. There are all sorts of reasons why headaches develop. Some are caused by environment like weather changes, exposure to certain perfumes or allergies. Others are due to health issues like vision, electrolyte imbalances or dehydration. Also, common causes of headaches are related to cervicogenic (coming from the neck) and/or temporomandibular dysfunction (coming from the jaw).


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October, 2018

NEWSLETTER Health & Wellness Newsletter

Some headaches may be a bit more predictable than others. Factors like your posture, the pillow you use, or even the chair you sit in can increase risk of headaches because of the over stressed joints in your neck and jaw. When Neck and Jaw Pain Leads to Headaches Headaches coming from the neck (cervical spine) are commonly called cervicogenic, because the pain may be a symptom of a disorder or misalignment within the cervical spine or soft tissue of the neck. Much less often such disorders can be related to a tumor, fracture, infection or rheumatoid arthritis. Cervicogenic headaches are typically only on one side and provoked with certain movements or if pressure is applied to specific spots on the neck. Consult your physician regarding your headache to rule out a serious cause, identify the source and the best treatment approach. If a musculoskeletal cervicogenic source is suspected, physical therapy can be very successful in reducing and even eliminating headaches. Most of the time the cause isn’t simple to identify. Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) is complicated and has a variety of symptoms.The joint itself (temporomandibular joint—TMJ) is a hinge joint that connects the jaw to the skull. Problems with muscles of the head and face that control the jaw and its alignment itself can relate to TMD. The joint may become THE CONNECTION BETWEEN JAW AND NECK PAIN AND HEADACHES FEEL YOUNGER. MOVE BETTER. GET STRONGER. (continued from outside)

If you have been suffering from jaw and neck pain, seeing a physical therapist at CustomCare Physical Therapy can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call today: 503-357-1706 aggravated by teeth clenching or a derangement of the articular disc between the skull (temporal bone) and jaw (mandibular bone). Pain can also radiate from the TMJ into the head and neck. Other symptoms of TMD include toothache, dizziness, earaches, hearing problems, upper shoulder pain and ringing in the ears. The neck and jaw are culprits of many headaches, and sometimes it’s a habit that you don’t really think twice about. Poor posture watching TV, reading a book, working or driving is enough to produce a neck generated (cervicogenic) headache. These habits are common, and most of us consider them to be harmless. The reality is that these seemingly irrelevant habits could be putting undue stress on your neck and jaw resulting in frequent, debilitating headaches that are difficult to get rid of.

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The ProblemWith Posture

of slouching. The human head weighs 12 pounds on average. Research shows that forward head postures puts 25-45 pounds of force on the neck. Forward head posture can easily be determined by standing with your back against the wall, if your head does not touch the wall you likely have a forward head. As years go by, and day after day you continue to hold your head in this forward position, it may result in a headache. If this is an issue, working with a physical therapist may help. Regular hands-on treatment, exercises to restore spinal alignment, correct posture, and strengthening your neck may alleviate neck pain and decrease intensity or eliminate headaches. When dealing with neck pain, it is important to remember that safety comes first. While there are many simple activities you can try at home to begin stretching and mobilizing your neck, working with a physical therapist will ensure that you are exercising in a way that won’t lead to greater injury. For more information, contact us. References

If you’re looking to improve your posture, call Custom Care Physical Therapy today at 503-357-1706 to see how your physical therapist can help!

If your headache is musculoskeletal, a physical therapist can help you to identify the source and cause of your headache. Forward head posture is a very common cause of headaches. Forward head posture means that your head rests slightly in front of your shoulders, which is a type

Discover How To Live Pain Free! At Custom Care Physical Therapy, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring physical therapists during focused and individualized sessions. Here are three steps you can take to live pain free.

Service Spotlight Mckenzie Method for Treating Headaches Often headaches can be relieved by these recommended exercises. It will not do any harm to perform these exercises for a couple days in order to find out whether you benefit from them or not. The first three days you should perform Exercise 1 ( Head retraction in sitting ) 6-8 times a day, 10 repetitions each time and whenever you feel a headache developing. If this reduces your headaches but does not abolish them completely, you should add Exercise 2 ( Neck flexion in sitting ). In particular, headaches that spread over the top of your head to above or behind the eyes are often relieved with this exercise. In case your headaches are not relieved by these two exercises, try sustaining the end range position for 1-2 minutes.




Exercise 1

Exercise 2

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Patient Success Spotlight

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“It’s been an awesome experience!”

Lauren Mason Executive Director

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“It’s been an awesome experience at CustomCare PhysicalTherapy! I was initially referred to get surgery for myTMJ without trying physical therapy first. I decided to come to physical therapy and when I started I had ear pain and ringing with jaw aches and frequent headaches. After just four visits I have no ear pain with less locking of my jaw and minimal headaches. So awesome!!!” - Diana W. 5 9 6 2 7 9 7 5 8 4

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Lauren is our Executive Director. She works with physical therapists and staff to ensure all patients are seen promptly and the clinic stays orderly. Lauren received her Bachelors degree from Pacific University in Exercise Science: Integrated Physiology, May 2012. She supports the physical therapists, staff, all patients and guests with compassion, knowledge, and an optimistic attitude. She loves spending time with her family and enjoys outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and rafting. Born and raised in Oregon, Lauren currently resides in Beaverton, Oregon, with her family. 4 3 3 7 2 7 2 4 3


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Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing neck pain.

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