EIC 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study

Key Findings and Insights from the Study

As previously mentioned, the Equity Task Force was created to facilitate concrete, positive, substantial, transformation and eliminate inequities that result from systemic racism. Towards this, the study highlights disparities that stem from different perspectives, with ethnicity and gender being the most apparent. Also, the lack of data collected and already existing within this area is evidence to accelerate DEI change and can also be interpreted as a concern that event professionals may be reluctant in sharing their views and concerns on lack of DEI in the industry. Hence further strengthening the need for more conversations and channels to minimise injustices, biases, and discriminations. Below is a summary of top-line findings and insights from the study. More detailed results are described in the following section titled Results by Dimension.

Key Findings

Key Insights

Having a majority population that identifies as White with minimal representation from minority groups could make it challenging to have the necessary representation in leadership and influential positions to effect change. Further, unconscious biases could be limiting job progression for events professionals from different ethnicities.

Surveyed event professionals who identified as White (61%) are predominant across all job grades with minimal to no representation from other ethnicities, especially in senior management and board positions. Survey respondents who identified themselves as Black (16%) rated the DEI experience 11% lower across all 4 dimensions compared to those who identified as White. Over 75% of the surveyed population identifies as female and women, are also well represented in managerial and senior roles. Nevertheless, there is a high level of dissatisfaction from this demographic when compared to their male counterparts on all 4 dimensions of the DEI framework.

Key Insights that the female gender requires more support from their organisations to adopt and drive DEI in the industry. Despite significant female representation in managerial and board positions, the study shows


2022 EIC Equity Benchmarking Study

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