EIC 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study

In summary (Accountability and Power of Influence): There is a strong call for leaders and organisations to link the “what” (DEI strategy) to the “how” (shaping and implementing outcomes) to build better credibility for DEI in the industry. Leadership modelling is critical to change the DEI perception in organisations and the industry. Leaders must create a strong sense of purpose and practice the desired attitude, competencies and skills to adopt for a better DEI experience. By demonstrating these elements, leaders can greatly influence their teams to be more diverse and inclusive in their actions and behaviours.

Emerging priorities for action: Accountability and Power of Influence

To build support for transformation in the industry, the EIC must

encourage leaders to take ownership of issues and lead the DEI agenda

with confidence and visibility, thereby inspiring the industry and member

organisations to be more accountable internally and externally.


2022 EIC Equity Benchmarking Study

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